There are many pros and cons to choosing laminate flooring over other floor possibilities. Each type of floor material has its own personality, design, and feel, and you want to make sure you choose the right one for your personality and home. Whether you are considering hardwood, stone, tile, vinyl, or carpet, be sure to check all of your options before making your final selection.


Laminate flooring has exceptionally easy maintenance. Dust rags and damp cloths are about as extensive as the cleaning procedure reaches. There are no grooves to hide dirt and dust mites, so the hygiene factor is increased as well. You do not have to worry about trapped allergens in your laminate floor.

There is no flooring option that is easier to install. If you are the type that likes to undertake your own home improvement projects, laminate flooring is the answer. It is extremely easy to install, and very do-it-yourself-friendly.

Because of the sealed surface, laminate flooring is "oops proof," which means it does not stain. As long as wine and other staining materials are wiped away in a relatively timely manner, they will not leave any marks on the surface. Even crayon marks can be scraped away without damage to the floor's surface.


Since laminate flooring is not the same as real hardwood or stone, it do not add to the resale value of your home. If you have no intentions of moving, this should not post a problem whatsoever.

The sounds of laminate flooring can be loud and hollow when compared to other options. Stone, tile and real wood are much thicker and do not have the same hollow sound. There are ways to get around this, such as adding area rugs, or installing pads before installing the laminate sheets.

If the laminate sheets are not sealed properly, water can cause a great deal of damage. Small amounts of water will not be harmful no matter what, but if there is an excessive amount of water, or pools, such as by a pet's water dish, it can seep between the wall and flooring if it is not sealed properly. This causes irreversible warping in the floor. If you're looking for San Diego, CA hardwood flooring, make sure to do your homework and choose the best type of hardwood for your lifestyle, as well.