Owning a new dog is a great experience for both young and old. While some decide to get their dog as a puppy, others decide on owning an adult dog. You have the choice of getting your dog for a humane society, a place where unwanted dogs are placed or purchasing from a breeder. There are both benefits and problems from getting your dog from the humane society.

One benefit owning a dog from the humane society is the cost. All of these animals have a zero dollar cost when first picked up. Although you will have to provide the food, dishes, leash, kennel if needed, and update them on all of their shots the initial cost of owning your dog is free. Many popular dogs such as Labrador retrievers or Golden doodles can cost on an average of $450-$650 for one puppy. Some rarer breeds may cost even more. Usually the non shedders have an extremely expensive price. The Japanese water dog has also risen in price over the last two years. You may be lucky to find one of these rather expensive dogs. Another benefit is the choice to pick out an adult dog or a puppy. While the puppies seem to find homes a lot quicker, adult dogs may be the better choice anyways. Most of the time, adult dogs are already trained and you won't need to worry about as much work as you would when you train a puppy. No need to worry about urinating in the house, chewing on your wires or jumping. Picking out a dog from the humane society is also great for the dog. It is not the dog's fault that he is there. Even if he behaved in an aggressive manner, this can be prevented with proper training. There is more breeding happening than enough owners to home a dog. Picking out a dog from the shelter gets rid of one more dog that has to be caged up there. It also helps prevent breeders from over breeding their dogs. They will eventually find out that there aren't enough people that are going to buy from them and will cut back on breeding their pets.

There are also some negative points about getting your dog from the humane society. As you welcome your new dog into your family, you really never know who their previous owners were. They may have been dog abusers which causes the dog to fear you and may also be aggressive. Usually these types of dogs are not good around kids and need to be watched all of the time in case they bite. You should really consider the type of breed when owning a dog if you have kids. Some breeds are more prone to be aggressive. You also don't get to see your puppy grow up into an adult dog. Sure having a trained dog is a beneficial experience, but you just don't get the same feeling growing up with that puppy. When they are puppies you feel as if you grow up with them and they have been part of your family its entire life. Another problem about owning a dog from the humane society is the fact that you never really know how long that dog has been there or why he is there. Even if dogs are well trained before they are given away, a dog can go backwards and forget what he was taught if no one is there to work with him. If you read a description of the dog and it states that he is a well listener and knows certain tricks, it is important to take the dog out of the kennel to see how he reacts with you. Also, you do not know the reason as to why that dog is there. Maybe his previous owners simply couldn't afford him. However, you always run into the risk of not knowing his background history. Certain types of dogs have strange personalities that can be dangerous and can turn on a human at any time. It is possible that the previous owners had merely gotten into the dog's way which caused him to snap. This is very violet behavior and should not be tolerated in any home. You also run into the risk of not knowing what the dog is like in your own home. He may seem calm and friendly while at the humane society, but once you get him into your home that could be a whole different story. Dogs are extremely smart. If one dog sees one of their friends get taken to a new home he will do everything he can to make sure he gets taken home too. Even if this means putting on a show in front of you he may do it only to turn the complete opposite when he gets back to your house. At some humane societies they have options for you. They may allow you to take the dog back home with you for one week so you can decide if this is the right dog for you or not. Other shelters do not allow this to happen. Once you sign the papers and leave with this dog, it is yours. Allowing you to take the dog home with you is an excellent idea as it helps prevent dog abuse. Unfortunately, there are owners out there who get so frustrated with their dog that they abuse them. It is important to recognize your dog's habits ahead of time. If you don't feel as if this is the right dog for you then don't get him.

It is your choice on whether you want to buy from a breeder or pick out your dog from the humane society. Although there are both positive and negative points to each, it is important that you make your own decision. You should make the right choice that is best for your entire family and yourself. It is important to remember your kids or future kids when making this decision. You will want a non aggressive dog and a breed that is excellent with children.