Produced from a tree indigenous solely to Australia, tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifoliais) is a powerful essential oil, serving as the active ingredient for a litany of products. The list of uses is an extensive one, ranging from household chores to a natural remedy for all sorts of skin conditions.

Melaleuca quinquenervia (Paper Bark). Australian nativeCredit: mauroguanandi

Acne and cysts

Acne can be unbearable. So much so that massive industries sustain themselves on it with celebrity endorsers constantly selling and saying this or that on television. Tea tree oil, well diluted, kills the bacteria that produce pimples and blemishes and tames inflammation, clearing up the skin. Diluted with water, dab the mix on the affected area.


Another cosmetic faux pas, dandruff can be an embarrassing and costly thing to do away with. By placing a few drops in a cup of water and applying as a hair rinse, you will effectively aid your scalp in halting dandruff. It is great for the scalp and skin health, a crucial point in preventing the drying, flaking, and itchiness of dandruff. Adding rosemary oil can create an even more effective remedy. The two essential oils also work well together in treating lice.

Toothbrush cleanerToothbrush explosionCredit: suthernsir

Place a few drops on the bristles of a toothbrush to successfully rid bacteria and germs.

Skin conditions

The antibacterial, antiseptic properties lend to the great results it produces with skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Razor burn

Dabbing some onto freshly shaven skin prevents razor. Be sure to dilute with some water.

Toenail fungus

It effectively treats and prevents the uncomfortable and ugly condition. Toenail fungus can seem like a heavy burden with limited options. For many of its topical uses, dilution is required as to prevent any adverse reaction; however, when applying on nails full solution works best for penetrating the area and wiping out the ailment.

Cold Sores

Several drops on a cotton pad pressed to a cold sore speeds healing and clears it up. It may be difficult at first. Be careful not to swallow or ingest. It cannot be swallowed or used on open wounds.


Tea tree oil is the active ingredient in homemade household cleaning products. To kill mold and mildew, place a few drops in a spray bottle with some white vinegar and water.

Insect repellantMosquito just getting startedCredit: John Tann

It is a great natural insect repellant, driving off bugs and mosquitos. A spray bottle full of water with several drops of tea tree oil will repel mosquitos. Depending on the size, but relatively speaking a modest sized spray bottle only needs a drop or two of the powerful tea tree to work its magic.


  • Avoid scams; be sure to buy 100% tea tree oil. Buying anything other than 100% is a waste. It is easy enough to dilute on your own. Read labels carefully.
  • For beginners, be caution with your initial exposure and mindful of the amount you are using.
  • Do not apply at full strength over wide areas of skin.
  • Never swallow, ingest, or use on open, fresh cuts.
  • Be sure to dilute. And if any sort of reaction is noticed, stop use.