Puppies start out adorable, both to us and pesky parasites. Without a regular flea control both your dog and home can easily become infested with fleas. Advantage Flea Medication is one way to ensure your pooch remains adorable rather than untouchable. There are several advantages of using Advantage flea treatments over any other, which we will have a look at below.

Advantage for Dogs Works Fast

A quick way of eradicating fleas is imperative when your dog is distressed by their high numbers, or suffering skin allergies, flea anaemia or flea bite dermatitis. Even if your dog is not overly sensitive to fleas, it is important to get rid of them swiftly or they'll be laying eggs and causing you flea nightmares for months to come.

The sooner the fleas stop biting, the sooner your dog stops scratching, and nothing stops biting quicker than Advantage flea medicine. Once you apply the Advantage liquid fleas will actually stop biting in under 5 minutes!

In under 20 minutes flea larvae are killed from contact with Advantage. These larvae are never able to increase the future flea population, as they have not made it to maturity.

Within twelve hours of applying your dog's Advantage virtually all the adult fleas on him or her will be dead.

Advantage Medicine for Dogs Tackles the Entire Flea Population

Fleas reproduce extraordinarily quickly. Tackling just adult biting fleas, or just juvenile fleas rarely works as a complete method of flea control. Bayer, the manufacturers of Advantage Flea Medication understand this completely, which is why their product tackles fleas at various stages of their life-cycle.

One ingredient wipes out biting adults before they even have a chance to reproduce or lay any more eggs, and destroys larval fleas before they reach sexual maturity or begin biting. No more eggs means no more future fleas in your home. And, no more adults means no more biting.

Continual Relief from Fleas with Advantage for Dogs

Advantage flea drops should be used every 30 days. That way your dog will never fall prey to these parasites again. Any new fleas which jump onto your dog are killed within two hours of making contact with the Advantage flea meds leaving them little chance to cause any problem.

Because this topical flea solution is oil based, it is completely waterproof once dried. This means you can allow your dog to swim, or you can bathe him without fearing the fleas returning.

Mild yet Effective Flea Control with Advantage Flea Medication

Although Advantage flea control works quickly, and continues working for 30 days, it is incredibly mild. Many vets recommend it, because Advantage flea drops are seen as one of the mildest form of flea control available. The product has been used worldwide for over twelve years with no harm coming to our pets. The mild nature of these flea drops is because the one active ingredient used is able to target the nervous system of insects only, unable to cause problems for animals. There are very occasional reactions to all flea drops, but these are usually a skin irritation due to the carrier ingredients, not any serious response to the dog flea medicine itself.