Are you planning to apply for a frequent flyer credit card? If you happen to be one of those guys who have to frequently travel then you should think of getting an American Airline Credit Card. An American Airline Credit Card is a niche frequent card which numerous benefits those who travel regularly. Frequent Flyer card as you must be aware are made to suit the needs of businessmen and high profile corporate employees occupying the upper echelons of their companies.

frquent flyer credit cards

Such high profile individuals usually stuff their wallets with different types of credit cards, one of which is a corporate credit card issued to them on behalf of their companies. Such card offers several benefits including substantial discounts on purchases and other credit card reward bonuses. However, companies often ignore the need to subscribe a frequent flyer mileage credit card for employees who have to travel frequently on account of business. So if you happen to be a frequent flyer then you should definitely think about getting a American Airline Credit Card or get your bosses to subscribe you one on the company account.

As mentioned earlier, an American Airline credit card offers several unique advantages. Mentioned below are some of them:

The More You Travel, The More You Earn

1. The American Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card lets you earn airmiles, every time you use the card to book your plane tickets.

2. Apart from earning air mile, bonuses can be redeemed anytime, you also become eligible for numerous promos and freebies released by the company, if you fly a certain number of times in a year.

3. If you have strong credit history and are regular with your monthly payments, the credit card company will also offer other benefits like waiving off your annual fee and giving you 0% interest on your account, which will greatly reduce your credit card costs.

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Salient Features of the American Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card:

1. American Airline business travel reward credit card has a buy (fly) now and ay later option. This basically gives you grace period of up to six months before making your payments. Through this option you can buy plane tickets from the official website of American Airlines for six months without having to pay for them. While you're not being charged for the tickets, you are still accumulating your frequent flyer air miles, which can be redeemed against your payments.

2. For the first six months, most subscribers have their rates waived off. But you should have good credit history for the company to grant you this extra benefit. However, remember you can avail frequent fliers pay later scheme only if you book the tickets online from American Airline's official website

3. However, recently the company introduced a three month scheme which allows you to defer payments on tickets you may have booked through an agent. Again, no interest will be charged on these payments for three months.

4. This frequent flyer credit card extends the six month grace period on other promotional packages as well. The three month 0% interest plus no payment deal also gets extended to American Airlines Advantage upgrades and membership payments of American Airlines Admirals Club.

5. The credit card also lets you buy tickets of other airlines as long as they registered with American Airlines or are issued by an authorized American Airlines dealer. This option comes as an added benefit because several airlines companies have registered with American Airlines.

6. Lastly, residents of US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and all the fifty states of USA are qualified for all the above offers.

Applying for this magical frequent flyer credit card is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to is log on to, fill their online credit card application form, and the company will do the rest. If you're residing in the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, you also have the option of downloading the Spanish version of the Application from the website.