If you are currently pregnant and unsure whether to choose to breastfeed your new baby or not, this article will give you the benefits of choosing to do this.

Firstly breast milk is designed specifically for your baby.  This means that there is nothing else that will fulfill his or her dietary needs as successfully as this milk. Even the best formula milks on the market can only try their best to copy what nature provides and they don't come very close.

Feeding your baby yourself helps you create a strong bond between the two of you which you can't get if you are using a bottle.  Your baby will have to go everywhere with you and this will help the baby develop faster and be more confident as well as being closer to you, it's mother.

Breastfeeding will help the mother to lose the extra weight that she put on in pregnancy.  Although feeding your baby can make you hungry, you will be using about five hundred extra calories a day in producing milk, so you will be able to eat more and still lose those pregnancy pounds.

It has been found that mother's who breastfeed are at a lower risk from diseases such as breast cancer in later life.  This health benefit is a great reason to enjoy breastfeeding you baby.

If your baby is ill, the mothers immune system will react to this and put antibodies into the milk supply for the baby. This will then help your newborn fight the disease and they won't get as ill as they might have done.  The antibodies are created in the breast as soon as the baby touches the mother's skin. An amazingly fast reaction that can really benefit your child.

Breastfeeding is continent. You only need to take your baby with you when you go out and about not a whole bag of formula and bottles. There is no need to sterilise anything.  Night feeds are a breeze as there is no need to heat up milk and even get out of bed.

So you can see that breastfeeding has plenty of advantages and is well worth trying.

Baby Breastfeeding