With literally millions of potential customers frequenting blogs of all types, businesses that are prepared to blog can expect to be rewarded handsomely for their effort. Below are just a few of the many reasons why businesses should take that leap of faith and run their own blog.

Fast and Simple Setup

Unlike traditional Internet-based business tools, blogs are relatively fast and easy to get up and running. Most blogs can be set up at the click of a button through a third party web hosting company. If the business happens to host its own web page, the blogging software can simply be downloaded and installed on their web server.

Inexpensive to Operate

Most blogging software today is made up of open source software that can be downloaded and installed for nothing. That’s right, absolutely free. Businesses can download the blogging software from a reputable company, such as Wordpress, and have the blog installed and running for nothing more than the time it takes to click the buttons.

Generate Additional Web Traffic

For businesses that already have a corporate web site up and running, adding a well-written, interesting blog to their arsenal can greatly increase their web traffic. Also, businesses can take advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring more readers to their blog through the use of relevant keywords in their content. More customers frequenting the website of a business translates to one thing, making more money.

Connect with Potential Customers

Thousands of potential customers that could benefit from the services of businesses may not ever be drawn in by other means of advertising. By gaining a strong web presence through successful blogging, businesses can tap into that reserve of customers just by properly running and advertising their blog. Not only will this be positive for the business, but it can also help to provide a valuable service that the customer is looking for.

Customer Feedback

Many businesses lose untold profits by not giving their customers a voice to let them know what they like and dislike about their products. By allowing customers to post comments to their blogs, businesses can give their customers a way to voice their praise and opinions and also receive valuable feedback about their products and services. When businesses take the time to act upon customer feedback they are setting themselves up for success in the future.

With many positive benefits to business blogging and very few, if any, drawbacks, businesses stand to gain loyal and satisfied customers for years to come.