Credit: Laura

You should eat these!!!

I have just finished a chocolate cake with homemade cherry sauce and it was amazing!  We used cherries that we picked from our cherry tree.  In fact, we have had cherry cream cheese pie, syrup for pancakes, and just the fresh fruit.  It has been a good harvest.  That is why I am going to explain what else makes cherries so great besides their sweet flavor.  Here are some benefits of eating and growing cherries.

Cherry 2Credit: Laura

This makes them great for weight loss.

Cherries have many nutritious properties and one important property is antioxidants.  Antioxidants have several beneficial effects they can reduce your chances of heart disease and cancer.  Antioxidants also fight off free radicals which is important for cell health. Cherries are very juicy and contain up to 75% water.  This makes them great for weight loss.  The high amount of water can help you feel fuller for longer.  They are also high in fiber and are great for the digestive system.

That is not all.  Cherries contain melatonin which helps regulate sleep cycles.  Also the pigments that give cherries their color, hold a chemical that is useful for pain relief.  Finally, they contain boron which if consumed with calcium and magnesium encourages bone health.  In the past, the bark from a wild black cherry tree was regularly used as cough medicine, and is still used today as an herbal remedy.

Here are a few more uses.

So many nutritious attributes is enough reason to go to the store and get some cherries but  here are a few more uses.  Cherries are sometimes used as a moisture seal for healing cuts.  They are also infused in body wash and shampoo. The pits can burn really hot which makes great fuel for fire.  The pits are also used in hot and cold packs, they  keep desired temperatures for a long period. 

Even the trees offer benefits such as, people make furniture out of wild black cherry trees.  The trees are also important for wildlife as many animals eat the fruit. The trees are also great for shade and taking carbon out of the atmosphere. The trees offer our world a more beauty and variety.

 fruit cherries cherryCredit: Jon Sullivan

Do not forget, you can mix them in ice cream!

Here are some more dishes that use cherries.  You can make cherry pie, tarts, cheesecake, and just a cake or a marinade for meat.  You can dry cherries, make juice, and popsicles and do not forget, you can mix them in ice cream, make jelly, or cover them in chocolate.  Japanese cuisine pickles the leaves and blossoms for tea and candies.

What are you waiting for!

My tree is about out of fruit and it produced a lot.  We let two other families come and pick the cherries.  I am glad that it provided a bounty for three families.  It is something of a wonder that one tree can give so much.  So while you can take advantage of natures blessing and eat lots of cherries this year.