The Single-sign-on technology can easily come to the rescue, permitting all users to validate at a single location, with an individual account and access a large range of services. This action provides a seamless experience for all the end-users and serious visibility and control for all the enterprises.

At the same time, the types of applications and devices used to access various cloud-based services are constantly changing. Various high-end mobile devices, tablets and dedicated desktop applications are offering unparalleled functionality and mobility. Generally, this has been an extremely challenging environment when combined with cloud single-sign-on as various standard technologies are completely designed for the web browsers. On the other hand, they also require the usability and complete control on single-sign-on and various other needs. 

With this in mind, various enterprises and SSO service providers have embarked on a strategy of adapting identity management solutions that are used traditionally for web browsers and by applying it to desktop and all mobile apps.  From a goal of having single-sign-on integration is applicable all across access mechanisms, a large variety of server and overall client enhancements have been exposed to all applications developers. Today, it is possible and easy to configure a seamless, standard and high-quality based single-sign-on experience that works easily for both web browsers and mobile devices.

Cloud single-sign-on technology has helped various organizations to keep internal data secure within an organization without putting in any additional effort.  This reduces the chances of misuse of data because it permits only authorized individuals to access the data. If you feel that your organization requires the benefits and features of SSO, there are a lot of IT service providers that can easily be searched online.

However, because the requirement of every individual and enterprise is different and that is why it is important to select a provider that meets all your requirements. Browse the web to select the one out of many. Read reviews, you may also browse through the testimonial column of the website to check what past and present customers say about the services provided by the provider. Avail identity management solutions provided by the selected providers only when you are absolutely satisfied with the reviews.