Cooking on a budget does not have to be a difficult thing. It can be accomplished by simply knowing where to buy the cheapest meats, vegetables, and fruits among others.

Weekly planning

In order to properly cook on a budget, you actually need to prepare menus for each week. The ingredients should be listed on the menu along with where to buy them. For example, you could buy the meat from one source, the vegetables from another and the sugar from yet another store. Does this sound complicated for you? At first you may find this a little difficult but over time you will become more accustomed to it and it will greatly benefit your finances.

Know where to buy cheap food

When shopping for food items, buy only what you need according to what is on your menu. Never buy in excess; always buy the exact quanitity listed on the menu. The prices vary from place to place depending on the type of food item you are looking for. Milk, sugar, and bread for example are cheaper when you buy them at supermarkets. They’re considered as staple foods and are usually sold at a losing price to attract customers into buying other products.

Also shop at farmers’ markets but remember to keep a list of schedules of where and when they open in your area. They’re usually open twice a week. You will probably notice that it is cheaper to buy eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, flowers and jams there. Buying meat direct from a butcher’s store will also give you some savings but it really boils down to knowing where to buy what from where.

Avoid cooking by impulse

Do not give in to cooking impulse. Cooking food by impulse in contrast to weekly scheduling will end up making you spend more. And what are you going to do with the extra ingredients? They’ll end up being stocked in the fridge or cabinet for a long time ending up money in the inventory. And the worse of it all is when they get spoiled they’re considered as lost money.

Stick with your list

When you shop for your grocery, stick to your lists. If you want to buy something else, return some food of equivalent amount back to the shelf. It’s easy to be swayed into buying other items which are not on the list. Discounted items can often attract you making you think that you can save by buying it but if you really think about it, its usually things that we don't actually need.

How much is the least amount per meal is possible per person

How much money is enough for food? Can a person eat less than a dollar a meal? If not, how much? One source gave it $100 a week with two adults, one kid and a toddler. This is without coupons, food stamps and no shopping from farmers’ stores. All foods were brought from supermarkets. It  is up to you to determine your own budget depending on what you can and cant afford.