Generally, dogs bark when they meet someone for the first time because they get excited, when they get playful, or when they feel threatened. Nevertheless, there are times when they get so noisy and you can't stop them. This can be very irritating for the other people around, especially when you're in public places or when you are sleeping at night.

Electronic dog training collars have been developed to improve your dog's behavior, especially if you don't have a background on dog training and you own a pet for the first time. They say that teaching puppies are easier rather than the older dogs, but with electronic dog training collars, this task can be a breeze.

The different shock collars have varied functions, so make sure to decide where the collar will be used. For simple corrective measures, bark collars and spray collars work well for most dogs. Bark collars use an electric volt or a vibrating alert to startle your dog. These collars have remote controls that can reach further distances and intensity levels. The spray collars, on the other hand, emit a scent (usually odors that dogs hate) every time your dog does something bad. One of the most commonly used aromas is citronella because dogs hate the smell. Basically, these electric dog training collars will train your dogs to act smarter so that they don't get punished. Bark collars are usually placed on the neck while the spray collars are worn on the nose so they smell the whiff right away.

A lot of dog owners don't approve of shock collars due to the wrong notion that they harm dogs. These collars don't harm the dogs. Experts have observed positive change in behavior but have no effect on the health of your precious pets. It is always up to the pet's owner how to train the dog and use the training collar properly. Even dog professionals in obedience schools make use of these collars for better responses to training methods.

Shock collars are also very useful for dogs that can't be left alone during hiking trips because they might attack other animals like snakes. This can pose serious danger to them, so in order for you to keep your peace of mind, wearing the collars on their neck should be a great deal of help. The goal of collars is to only irritate the dogs and persuade them to behave more orderly.