There are many benefits that you have probably heard about in connection with either eating fish or taking a fish oil supplement. They range from the extraordinary that are nothing more than wive's tales to the mundane but proven. In this article I am going to list the reasons why I think everyone should include either fish or fish oil in their diet. The benefits of taking fish oil for a healthy life are numerous and some of the verifiable research that has been done will show it. The key is to find the best fish oil for you.

Fish oil is good for Cardiovascular health

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil have been well documented and proven to help improve overall cardiovascular health. What does this mean in layman's terms? Basically, our body is nothing more than an endless highway of veins and arteries. When one of these get clogged up or stops working well, problems occurs. Typically this is because of cholesterol. One of the many benefits of fish oil is that it will help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure which in turn will lead to a healthier and longer life.

Fish oil will help with arthritis pain

Another documented fact is that fish oil has anti-inflammatory elements that will help with chronic arthritis and pain in general that is caused by inflammation. The Source is the EPA in fish oil which will help to regulate the body's inflammation cycle. Fish oil is a solution to those who are looking to supplement their pain medication if they have arthritis.

Fish oil will protect you from having a stroke or a heart attack

As we age, our arterial walls sometimes get clogged with plaque. When this happens, the blood clots may break off and cause a heart attack or stroke. The problem is called thrombosis and is serious. Fish oil actually helps break up the clot before the situation turns into a problem.

Fish oil will help improve overall brain function

There are studies that have shown that fish oil help adults with their ability to focus, recall, and reasoning sectors of their brain. Improved memory is another positive trait that improves when people take fish oil. In pregnant mothers, it is believed that taking fish oil while they are pregnant has a positive impact on the unborn child's intelligence in the future.

Fish oil can help reduce the risk of cancer

Actually fish oil can reduce the 3 most common types of cancer- breast, colon and prostrate cancer. How do they do this? Scientists believe that it is all in how the body reacts to the omega 3's in fish oil. They believe that fish oil literally will stop a normal cell from transforming into a cancer cell. And not only will it stop a cell from becoming cancerous, it actually has been seen to actually kill cancer cells in the body.

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Make no bones about it. The benefits of fish oil are worth it enough to warrant in the very least a look to investigate the different fish oil supplements. Fish oil does so many good things for the body that an adult can benefit from taking it and still reap some of the rewards even if they hate the thought of eating fish.