So, you have seen news report after news report about the healthy benefits that comes with eating fish but the truth is that aside from fried catfish or the fish and chips that you would buy at your local fast food seafood restaurant, you really aren't a fan of fish. And to make things worse, the fish that are suggested as providing the best benefit to your health is...well, they taste fishy....There is a solution to this problem though. If you want the benefits of eating fish without actually eating them, you could forgo the salmon dinner and instead opt for taking your fish in a supplement. What is the best fish oil supplement? This article discusses the various benefits to taking fishing oil supplements and is meant for those of us who want to good stuff but cringe at the thought of trying to scarf down some salmon once a week.

The truth is that fish oil supplements are as good and could actually be better than actually eating fish. The reason behind this is that while fish is good for you, the magical ingredient in fish oil, are the long chain fatty acids otherwise known as omega 3's. Omega 3's are responsible for a lot of the documented health benefits of eating fish that include:

  1. Better Cardiovascular health which could lead to a longer life...
  2. Reduced chance of stroke or heart attack because omega 3's help to disseminate blood clots that could create a blockage should they break from the arterial wall.
  3. Better memory, increased focus and overall better mental energy
  4. Reduced risk of the 3 big cancers...prostrate, breast and colon cancer. The properties in the omega 3's not only prevent cancerous cells from forming...they kill existing cancer cells.
  5. Lower incidence of modern day diseases like ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and obsessive compulsive disorder
  6. Reduces over all inflammation in the body which could be beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis and other inflammatory disorders and conditions.
The list goes on but I am sure you are getting the point to how good fish oil is for you.

There are side effects though although these are relatively minor compared to the benefits. The minor side effects include burping and reflux in some people and a fishy aftertaste after ingesting the supplement. The more major side effect is that there is a slight concern that eating fish OR taking some fish oils could increase the levels of mercury toxins in your body. This is because the ocean is polluted and when the fish eat, they are storing their toxins in their fat. And since it is their omega 3 fatty acids that are so beneficial to us, you can understand why this would be would be a concern.

To reduce the side effects, in particular, the potential of mercury poisoning, only choose pharmaceutical grade fish oil that has been distilled and removed all the harmful toxins out of it. It is more expensive but is better for you and in the long run, you can enjoy the benefits of fish oil supplements without having to worry about the potential harmful side effects.

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