A criminology degree online is a great way to begin or advance a career. The geographical restrictions or lack of nearby higher education facilities have meant that more and more bricks and mortar schools are offering a criminology degree online. Crime dramas have brought this field into the public eye and it has now risen to become its own program and is no longer treated like a mere subset of sociology.

Criminology Degree OnlineA Criminology Major was a rare offering at most universities only twenty years ago. The field of criminology represents a mixture of sociology and criminal justice. Criminology explores the nature of crime and criminal behavior and its affects on society. It is an appealing major to anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and understanding the "why" of things. Even though the field is growing, the offerings at public universities are not nearly widespread enough. This is the true benefit of earning a criminology degree online - accessibility.

The typical student who is seeking to earn a criminology degree online is not necessarily a traditional student. Many of the applicants are older and are seeking a career change or looking to carve out a more defined niche in their current field. Due to the explosive growth in the corrections and enforcement fields many members of various sociological professions are turning to criminology. This degree can open up new opportunities as a probation or parole officer or as a criminal profiler.

Quality Education
Online degrees have unfairly earned a reputation as being a lesser degree than one achieved through the normal channels of a four-year university. This is in part due to the less than stellar reputation of some early online universities. Today, many schools with outstanding credential are offering a criminology degree online: Indiana State University, University of Massachusetts, Arizona State University, and the University of California at Irvine are just some of the schools making this degree available over the Internet. In the case of UC Irvine, the offering is for a Masters Degree! This is one of the top public universities in the country. The quality of these online offerings from these schools is not of inferior quality. Practically anyone from anywhere in the country can succeed and earn a quality degree from an online source.

The cost of pursuing an online degree varies widely from facility to facility. Many schools have special pricing structures for online content. Students can still qualify for traditional financial aid and many schools offer scholarships specifically for those enrolled in an online degree program. This affordability is another great benefit. Normally, a completion of a criminology degree online will also boost the income of a person as they embark on this new and exciting career path.

A criminology degree online is a great way to increase income and either begin or change career paths. The benefits include respected criminology qualifications at an affordable price while completing a program in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It is never too late to return to school and a criminology degree online is a wise choice!