Loose Leaf Green Tea Infusion
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While a green tea is not a miracle potion, its health benefits provide a useful aid for dieting people. This herbal drink increases the metabolism of fat, speeding up the process of losing an adipose tissue. A normalisation of a sugar metabolism serves to relieve food cravings and resulting bingeing, which destroys any effects of your dieting effort. An organic tea reduces stress levels. As you know, the ability to stay calm and relaxed can't be overrated for the successful dieting.

Discover, how to prepare and consume this herbal remedy to experience optimal health benefits. See, what you should pay attention to, if you wish to buy the most healthy and cost-effective tea to aid your weight loss program.

Let's start with an overview of the fat metabolism modulation properties.

Green tea for weight loss boosts metabolism of fat

While a cup of tea contains multiple healthy substances, such as polyphenols, one of these chemicals is of a particular interest for dieters. An anti-oxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) speeds up a metabolism of fat [1]. How is that effect achieved? First, this fat burner inhibits the formation of fat cells in your body. Second, it stimulates the secretion of fat from your adipose tissue.

In simple words, your body stops creating new fat cells and already existing ones are being emptied. Boosting the elimination of fat is one of the key benefits of a tea leaf for dieting.

Green tea improves metabolism of sugar and reduces cravings

Not only does EGCG work as a fat burner, but it has been found to influence the metabolism of sugar as well. How does that work? EGCG improves an insulin sensitivity of your cells, therefore toning any changes of the sugar level in your blood.

This benefit proves most useful for people, who are endangered with diabetes. However, such effects of green tea help every dieting person, as they reduce food cravings, which can lead to bingeing and destroy all your weight loss efforts. How can a cup of tea leaves have such a significant effect on your body and mind? To understand this, let's see, what causes food cravings in the first place.

When a dieter eats any stuff with the high sugar content (soda and ice cream, anyone?), in a few minutes his blood sugar level rises. As the body is working overtime to lower it, by secreting large amounts of an insulin, eater enjoys a pleasant feeling, because we are wired to enjoy carbohydrates.

Finally, all those efforts of a body pay off and the sugar is removed. But wait - it's an overkill and now the blood sugar level is too low. Now our sweets eater feels cranky, tired and, well, craving even more sugar. So, he eats a new snack and starts the cycle again.

While an element of addiction is difficult to fight, the green leaf tea extract makes this cycle less vicious [2], as it reduces cravings by decreasing blood sugar changes, thanks to the improved insulin management.

Green tea extract reduces stress

Green Tea Drink of Longevity?Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Green_tea.jpgStarting a diet means venturing outside of your comfort zone, and that can be a stressful experience. Here the tea comes to your aid again, as this herbal drink helps with the stress reduction. It contains yet another beneficial substance, L-theanine, which promotes a relaxation and tones down stimulating effects of caffeine.

An organic green leaf tea contains more of this chemical, than other types of tea. The L-theanine nutrient is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and alter levels of neurotransmitters in the dieter's brain, leading to a relaxation and enhanced mood. Unlike sugary sodas, the tea brew is non-addictive and low in calories.

How to make green tea for dieting benefits?

To achieve optimal results in weight loss, drink a cup of infusion a few minutes before every major meal. Let's see how to prepare the tea leaf to bring out all the helpful qualities.

When brewing for the taste, you would use a hot water, that's not boiling yet, or one cooled down to 80 degrees C (175 degrees F), to steep the herb for two minutes at most. The tea prepared this way contains a lot of caffeine, but only small amount of beneficial polyphenols, which need more heat and time to enrich the infusion.

Therefore, pour the boiling water over the tea leaves and let them steep for two to five minutes. The more bitter your brew is, the more beneficial nutrients this herbal remedy contains. To break the harsh taste, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of organic honey. Such a brew will really boost dieter's metabolism and aid his weight loss efforts.

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How to choose best green tea for dieting aid?

The best tea to help with dieting is the one, which provides the most weight loss benefits. Therefore, you want to aim for herbs, which contain a lot of catechines and polyphenols.

Avoid teas, which are advertised as gentle and mild tasting, because they have low nutrient content. Select any bitter stuff, such as the sencha tea. You can always enhance its strong taste, after pulling all the fat burning ingredients into your brew. The lose leaf green tea with small leaves works best here.

Make sure to buy organic herbs, so that you can avoid leaves, which were liberally sprayed with pesticides. Consider obtaining the green tea extract supplement, if you dislike the brew. However, this option is more expensive. You can strike a cheap deal, when shopping for the tea online in bulk quantities.

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