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Hemp oil, mostly from the marijuana plant, is able to cure a number of diseases in the human body. In addition, the oil is known for its disease infection preventive capabilities. While many people have associated Cannabis Sativa plant with marijuana, it is dubbed as the 'curative hemp' once interpreted in Latin. In fact, most of the plants adorned with the name 'sativa' in Latin are valued as most useful plants.

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Hemp oil is used in health care for human hair and skin. Hemp oil’s naturalistic qualities of moisturizing and rejuvenation rate make it among the best air and skin lotions in the world.   Hemp oils contains fatty acids, the omega series 3 to 9 and gamma linoleic acids which are able to cure many diseases. Linoleic acids are rarely found on plants but can be found in hemp oil making the hemp a very special type of a plant.

The Plant

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The hemp plant remains a very coveted plant due its importance. The hemp plant not only provides the curative hemp oil but also produces fiber. This fiber is used to make clothes, robes and other fiver related products.  The plant also produces edible seeds that have a healing value.  Hemp plant is, therefore, a very crucial plant whose importance goes beyond its mind-stunning drug oil. 

The oil is a source of energy. It has been a source of fuel since time immemorial. Hemp plant has high levels of cellulose which makes it the ideal plant for paper manufacturing.  Studies of been conducted to determine which is the best source of energy for combustion. Ethanol is regarded as the cleanest source of fire/flame. Hemp oil is the best environmentally friendly bio-alternative source of combustion to gasoline. Numerous studies have shown that unleaded gasoline undergoes incomplete combustion and is therefore a hazard to the environment. . 

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Hemp oil is also used a nontoxic multipurpose paints, dyes and inks. The plant is a great source for cellulose made plastics that are both long lasting and environmentally friendly.  The founder of the car engine, Sir Henry Ford, created is first vehicle body from the hemp plastics in the early 1940s. Hemp plastic can withstand a lot of pressure compared to steel and other metals.

Worldwide Awareness of Hemp Oil

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While the healing effect of hemp oil is undoubtedly impressive and effective, it is regrettable that its usage and knowledge is still wanting in many parts of the world. Many people are still new to the advantages of hemp oil and remain ignorant despite numerous medical sensitization initiatives.


Marketers of hemp oil have tried very hard in the recent past to make people grow the hemp plant and reintroduce the oil in the global market. Their strongest point is that hemp plant is a renewable pulp resource for the manufacture of paper, the strongest cloth fiber and a source of food that can be consumed as milk and fiber. Hemp is not only used for industrial purposes but also for medicinal purposes, which is why it is among the most important plants in the world.