Kettlebells have become a very popular tool of choice in the fitness circle lately, and for once it is a development that is well warranted. There are many benefits of working out with kettlebells, and if you aren’t utilizing them already, hopefully you will after reading this article.

 1.      Increased grip strength

While there are some kettlebell exercises that don’t require you to firmly grasp the bell, they are in the minority. The big exercises that kettlebells are great for (swings, snatches, and cleans for example) require you to really grip the bell hard. These are powerful exercises, and if you don’t hang on hard there will be holes in walls or broken bones somewhere along the line. Consistently performing kettlebell workouts will do wonders for your grip strength, which has been highly associated with longevity[1]. Note of course that grip strength is highly correlated with overall muscular strength: doing wrist curls and isolated grip exercises alone won’t do much to increase your lifespan.

 2.      Increased posterior chain strength (and aesthetic appeal)

Kettlebell swings are the king here, but any movement that actively engages the hips will have glorious effects on one’s posterior chain strength, function, and aesthetic appeal. Defined hamstrings and glutes look good on about everyone, and if they look good chances are they’re strong as well. Not only will a stronger posterior chain help you move better, run faster, jump higher and look better, it is also one of the best ways to steer away from knee and lower back pain.

 3.      Effective fat loss

Kettlebell workouts are effective at getting the heart rate way up, as well as being an effective strength stimulus. These two combined make kettlebells a very powerful fat loss tool. You certainly don’t have to work out with them for an hour at a time to get these benefits. In many cases a quick 10 minute workout is plenty.

 4.      Convenience

Unlike barbell sets, kettlebells are relatively easy to travel with. No, I don’t recommend bringing them on a plane with you, but bringing them on a road trip or to the park is simple. You also don’t need a rack or any other special equipment to use them: as long as you have yourself, your kettlebell, and a surface to stand on (hopefully you do!), you can perform an effective, time-efficient, fat-loss and strength-building workout.


If you haven’t given kettlebells a try, these benefits should show you that you’re missing out! Start working with them and you’ll see why they’ve become such a popular tool in the fitness industry: they work!