Monovision is a laser eye treatment that corrects one eye for clear distance and the other for near distance. This type of surgery is a suitable alternative for people who have presbyopia.

Presbyopia is an eye condition wherein difficulty is experienced when focusing on things up close. This is because the lens inside the eye stiffens. People who have presbyopia are often those in their early 40s and result to wearing reading, bifocal, or multifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses. For laser eye treatment, this is called presbylasik.

For those who wear contact lenses, the condition is corrected by modifying the residual prescription in the eye - making one shortsighted and other farsighted. This makes reading and near work clearer in one eye and the other makes distance vision clearer. This is called contact lens monovision.

Normally, both eyes are well-adjusted to see clearly both in distance and up close. With monovision correction, one eye is corrected to see clearly in the distance while the other is blurred. The opposite happens when one is reading.

It is also expected that there is a slight discomfort with this kind of laser eye treatment because both the brain and visual system conform to a new way of seeing. For those who have successfully underwent monovision correction, better sight is experienced after just a few days. Unsuccessful patients are not so lucky though.

These are commonly reported:

1. Migraines tend to aggravate previous condition if several prescriptions have been used in two years.

2. Driving problems, especially reverse parking, becomes problematic because of the difficulty of turning to the sides to check if the parking is lined up on either side which is, again, caused by the difference in the clarity of the two eyes since one eye is treated for distance vision whereas the other is for near work.

3. Computer use also becomes uncomfortable after long periods. No eye is corrected for the average length of viewing the screen because one eye is for distance vision while the other is for near sight, typically at 40cm. Computer usage then becomes fuzzy, eventually leading to postural problems as the individual is forced to lean nearer to the screen.

Successful monovision contact lenses are always an option but a more permanent solution is offered by laser eye treatment. The same operation as regular refractive surgery occurs, except that one eye is purposely treated for short-sightedness to compensate for the reading.

Monovision Laser Eye Treatment