Liquid fish oil has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, you can barely open a magazine or a health book without reading about the benefits of fish oil. The whole hype about fish oil is the basic fact that it contains Omega 3 fatty acids. There are many sources of Omega 3. Flaxseed and other plants and nuts contain these fatty acids. But, fish oil is, by far, the richest source of Omega 3.

In fact, this oil consists of two essential components; DocosaHexaenoic Acid (DHA) and EicosaPentaonic Acid (EPA). Both these acids are very important for the body. Actually, Omega 3 fatty acids should be administered into the body on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce these acids of its own accord. Therefore, they have to be taken externally by the body.

Omega 3 acids are known to be effective for cardiovascular disorders and blood circulation. Moreover, it is also known to improve mood disorders too. Many people are under the impression that oil and fats are bad for the body. Of course, there are some oils that are very bad for the body. However, there are also certain oils that have good effects on the body. All these oils are classified into two categories. Omega 6 fatty acids include of all those fats that are bad for the body. These fats prove to be really harmful. Heart and cholesterol induced problems arise due to the consumption of these Omega 6 acids.

The other category is called Omega 3 fatty acids. This includes the oil extracted from flaxseeds and liquid fish oil. These acids, as mentioned above, are very beneficial for the body. In fact, they should be taken by even those who do not have any existing health issues. But this does not mean that Omega 6 fatty acids should be eliminated entirely from your diet. Even they are important for the body. Only the intake should be reduced. According to reports, it has been noted that, people consume more of omega 6 acids instead of the Omega 3 ones. So, all we really need to do is reduce the consumption of the former and increase that of the latter.

Doctors and health experts believe that everyday diet should be well balanced. This implies that along with other nutrients, Omega 3 and Omega 6 are extremely important for the body. They even say that a diet that does not include all of these nutrients can prove to be really disastrous for your health. Specially, the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids is really high. Deficiency of this can cause troubles like heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Many may not know this but it can cause certain kinds of cancer too.

Liquid fish oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is mainly found in sardines, salmons and tuna. These oils are also found in walnuts and other plants. These oils are also found in vegetable oils. Especially, soy and corn are those vegetables that contain high amounts of linoleic acids.

Many people may also prefer eating fish directly instead of consuming this liquid fish oil. However, nowadays the fish that we get today is highly contaminated. They contain high amounts of mercury. This mercury is extremely bad for the body. Therefore, doctors advise against the consumption of fish. The fish oil supplements that we get in the market have no problem regarding the content of mercury. They are processed many times before packaging for purification purposes.

But this also depends on the quality of the fish oil. If you purchase it from a high quality brand, then you should rest assured about the quality. The quality is a little hampered with low quality supplements. They contain a lot of fillers in them. So, you would have to take in more supplements in order to complete the requirements of the body. With the high quality ones, you can take the recommended dosage and meet with what your body needs.

Liquid fish oil is extremely beneficial and gives a lot of health benefits. As mentioned before, it should be taken by people who have heart troubles. It should also be taken by people who do not have any existent health issues. It allows the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also improve the immune system of the body. The DHA and the EPA are supposed to be in the right ratio for better results.

However, the right ratio has not yet been decided by the American Health Association. It has been a real topic of controversy. For the time being we can safely conclude that the amount of EPA should be more than DHA. Perhaps the reason for this can be the fact that EPA can be converted into DHA whenever required. However, the reverse is not possible. This means that DHA cannot be converted into EPA ever.

The biggest example of the benefits of liquid fish oil can be proven with a study that was carried out with the Eskimos. In the year 1970, a healthy research with the Eskimos in Greenland was carried out. It was reported that these Eskimos rarely suffered from heart disorders. The reason behind this was derived from their nutritious diet. Basically, their diet is rich with foods that are filled with fats.

Also, a major constituent of their fatty food diet is fish. This completes their body's requirement for fish oil fatty acids.

Other diseases cured by fish oil are atherosclerosis, cancer and they even reduce the chances of heart attacks. Since it can increase the immunity power of the body, it is also known as immune system supplement. Because it can cure mood disorders, it is sometimes even referred to as good mood food. The immunity provided by these fatty acids can also cure common diseases like cold and flu. It is recommended to have these supplements to lead a healthy life.

Liquid fish oil is a great way to live a fit life, not only today but for all the years to come and if you are interesting in improving your health you should really look into the possibilities of adding a high quality source of omega 3 to your daily routine.