Make Perth Your Home

Expatriates and even residents from other parts of Australia are increasingly migrating to Perth. If you are in a situation where you can welcome a change of environment and a new life in a different land, you may try to consider moving to Perth, too. There are various reasons to love Perth, and any of these may just meet one of your immediate needs or prove to be enticing to your taste.

Perth Sunrise

Getting Around Perth

You can easily drive a car in the freeways and highways in Perth since the traffic there is easy. The great thing is public transport is also very efficient and inexpensive so leaving your car at home will not be so much of an inconvenience. If you commute frequently, you can opt to buy a SmartRider card that offers a discount instead of buying individual tickets for your daily rides.

The Economy in Perth

You can read complaints about the high cost of living in Perth. The truth is this is hardly felt in the area, particularly because the economy is also growing due largely to the booming mining industry. The mining sites are outside the city, but their companies are headquartered in the metropolis. Job opportunities in Perth are comparable to more developed cities, like Melbourne and Sydney. This allows residents to enjoy a high standard of living. In fact, this is one factor why the city is continually developing. The increased job opportunities also pushed for the property boom. A lot of the residents in Perth are buying their own land and are taking the services of efficient Perth builders to build their dream homes. This is a great investment too. With the growing economy, values of homes are also going up.

The City

Perth is a clean city that gives you access to warm seas and breathtaking sunsets in the Indian Ocean. Its charm, in fact, is the way the city is not as busy as other metropolitans are, like Sydney. This place is ideal for those who are not after the bustle. However, this does not mean that Perth is boring. Northbridge, for instance, has a lively nightlife. Subiaco, on the other hand, is a nice working-class district and a growing cosmopolitan at the same time. If you love the arts, you may consider Fremantle. Its streets are lined with heritage buildings, enough to fill you with your needed dose of history. Another advantage is the natural reserves that the surrounding area also offers. If you belong in the middle or upper class, you will love living in City Beach. Not only are the houses modern and chic, you can also enjoy expansive white sand beaches in this beach side district.


Access to Great Education

If you are bringing your family to Perth, or planning to raise one there, you are in luck because great universities and schools are located in Perth. The University of Western Australia, for instance, is one of the eight prominent universities in Australia. The Curtin University of Technology has a great reputation of its own in providing astonishing education in the fields of science and engineering.


Living in Perth is ideal for those who want a quiet lifestyle. It offers you the glitter and convenience of city living, yet relaxes you with its great beaches and enriches your senses with history and arts.