There are many benefits to living in Stanley Idaho.


If you like snow then you will love Stanley Idaho in the wintertime. There is usually around 5 feet of snow on the ground on any given day. If you like to ski, cross country ski, hike in snowshoes or ride snowmobiles then you will love living in Stanley Idaho in the winter time.

Outdoor Recreation

Do you want to fish, camp, or hike then you will be living in one of the greatest communities in Idaho for such activities. Stanley has access to a wealth of outdoor recreational activities and some of the best freshwater fishing in the world.

Friendly People

The locals are generally very friendly and helpful. The many visitors during the summer months are also generally very friendly. In the wintertime there may only be around 70 locals who reside in Stanley. When summer comes the local population jumps drastically as do the number of visitors to the area but the year round residents who reside in Stanley even during the heart of the snowy winters is around 70 people total.

Red Fish Lake

You will extremely close to Redfish Lake and all of the activities offered. You can camp at one of the great campgrounds in the area including the popular Sockeye Campground which requires no reservations. The Sockeye campground requires no reservations but still tends to fill up extremely quickly, especially on the weekends. If you can try and arrive early in the morning on a Sunday morning or at least any day other than Friday or Saturday. You can even watch the babes in bikinis swimming in front of Redfish Lake Lodge.

Log Homes

Do you like log homes and log buildings then Stanley Idaho is a great place to live. Almost all of the homes and businesses are made in a log cabin style.

Check Out Stanley, Idaho

If you like small mountain towns that get smothered in snow during the winter times and offers great year round recreational activities for outdoorsman then Stanly Idaho is a great place to visit, but an even better place to live.

Stanley does have access to the Internet and everything else you need. If it is not in town you can either drive to Challis Idaho to pick it up or have it sent in.

Stanley is an outdoorsman's paradise. Winters can be extremely rough but if you can hack it then it may be a great town for you. The school in town is for Kindergarten through 8th grade. After 8th grade all local kids attend high school in Challis Idaho.

Maybe you are able to work from home or create your own job, if so then you will be better off as there are not very many jobs available in the area. There are a few jobs available during the summer months but a year round work is most likely something you must create on your own.

The best part about Stanley Idaho is the many opportunities you have for outdoor activities and world class fishing holes.