Mattress pads are definitely a worthwhile option if your mattress in still firm and not sagging, but it's not giving you a comfortable sleep. As people get older their need for a bit of a softer bed increases, they need more support for their pressure points, and this is especially true if you suffer from back problems, arthritis, or joint pain. So adding a mattress pad is a good option if you have not yet the budget to pay for a good mattress. For example if you would like to get a good memory foam mattress, which can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, getting a memory foam mattress pad, would be a good option at a fraction of the price, usually memory foam mattress pads are only a few hundred dollars, still expensive but only a fraction of the full mattress price and think of the comfort and better sleep you gain.

Mattress pads will add another 3" to your bed so there's a good possibility that your old sheets won't fit; it's something that you want to take into consideration, as there should be an allowance in the budget for new bedding.

Getting a mattress pad that is dust mite resistant is an opportunity to put some distance between you and the dust mites. It might also be a good idea to get a dust mite resistant cover, if you are one that has problems with allergies.

There are mattress pads practically for every type on need that you could encounter when it comes to either adding more comfort or protection to your mattress. There are mattress pads that will protect from water spills, pads that will protect from allergens. Pads that are advanced versions of electric blankets, with intelligent thermostats that will keep you bed warm and comfortable. Like different filters and lens for a camera, there is bound to be a mattress pad that will suit you need. It's so simple these days a few keystrokes in Google's search engine and the information will be on your screen in a second.

Most mattress companies produce mattress pads, and they are readily available at most mattress warehouses. Or search out an on line store, like Amazon. The beauty about getting it on line is you can get greater discounts, and the delivery time is only a few days. Most on line stores have customer satisfaction guarantees, and easy return policies so it's become a pretty safe way to shop.