Computer memory, also known as RAM (Random Access Memory) , is a crucial component of the operation of your laptop or desktop. Adding memory means you can do things faster and do more things at once on your computer. The computer uses RAM to facilitate the startup and running of all the programs you use and allocates megabytes of memory to open applications. If the amount of RAM is too low the system can not run and you’ll be severely limited in your ability to run multiple programs or newer applications. 


There are multiple benefits to maxing out your  memory. Maxing out means that you have installed the maximum amount of RAM that your computer can handle and utilize.  Once you have upgraded your computer’s RAM you will instantly notice some differences.

Operating System and Application Requirements.

In addition to allowing you to run multiple applications at once, the maximum amount of RAM will also help the system operate more smoothly. Especially in the case of graphic intense programs or resource heavy applications, having more RAM will ensure your computer won’t be as likely to crash, freeze up, or stutter when running multiple or intense programs. 

Benefits of Adding More Computer RAM 

Also some programs require a minimum amount of RAM and if your computer isn’t maxed out on memory, adding computer memory is the only way to meet the minimum requirement indicated by the specific program.


Everything from word processing and printing to web surfing and gaming will be improved by increasing your computer memory. 


More RAM means more memory for the system to access and use. This means you will experience faster boot up and start up times, faster loading and opening of files and programs, and snappier performance when using the computer. Adding RAM to max out the computer is one of the best ways to increase speed performance of your laptop or desktop computer. 


Furthermore you will benefit from improved saving and loading times in all the computer programs you use when the RAM is increased.  You will also notice increases in web browsing speed.

Determining type of RAM and maximum amount of RAM.


Once you have decided that you want to increase and max out your computer memory you’ll need to select the right kind. There are different types of RAM such as DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 RAM. There are also different sizes, configurations, and pin counts on the RAM. In order to determine which kind of memory your computer uses you can use a tool such as the Crucial Memory System Scanner or check your computer’s System Profile under Memory and see the specifications. There are many companies to choose from when selecting RAM such as Crucial, RamJet, and Kingston. 


This also allows you to see how many RAM slots your computer has available and the amount of maximum computer memory each slot can handle. For example if your computer has two RAM slots and each slot can handle a maximum of 4GB of DDR3 RAM then you’ll want to purchase two 4GB DDR3 RAM sticks to install. Keep in mind that non 64 bit operating systems (such as Windows XP) can not utilize more than 3 or 6GB of RAM anyways even if the computer can hold more. You should consult your operating system manual to determine the maximum amount of memory you can add to the computer.