According to Money magazine, home prices in Rocklin California still have a long way to rise after falling dramatically during the recent crash in housing prices. Money’s 2010 ranking of Rocklin as the 65th best small American city in which to live, may have given Rocklin real estate a boost, but there are many clear benefits to owning land, houses, or office space in Rocklin California.

Rocklin is Conveniently Located
Rocklin is located in Placer County along I-80, 28 miles northeast of California’s capital of Sacramento. A commute or excursion into Sacramento is almost effortless.

Lying in the undulating terrain of the tapering Sierra Mountain foothills, Rocklin real estate offers both beauty and privacy. The Sierra Mountains are visible to the east; it is just a 90-minute drive from Rocklin to the more exotic vistas and hiking in the Sierras.

Just to the southwest of Rocklin is the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. This reservoir controls the merging of the three forks of the American River watershed coming down from the Sierras. Not only does this watershed and lake provide a wonderful variety of recreation opportunities, but they are also the source of fresh water for Placer County. This consistent, high quality source of water enhances the value of owning real estate in Rocklin California.

Rocklin Boasts a Friendly, Prosperous and Growing Community
Rocklin California is a family-oriented community of about 55,000 people. Its high quality school district was ranked #1 in Placer County and #2 in the metropolitan region. Rocklin is also home to the highly rated Sierra College, which has over 17,000 students in 125 degree and certificate programs. The large selection of recreation, restaurants, and entertainment options further adds to the value of owning real estate in Rocklin.

A strong work ethic and a willingness to take responsibility for their obligations characterize Rocklin residents. 95% have high school diploma and 39% have a 4-year college degree. Among incorporated California cities, Rocklin has the highest median household income at $97,761.

At just over 8%, Rocklin’s current unemployment rate is 3% better than both Placer county and the State of California. Major employers of Rocklin residents are the State of California and various high-tech companies, many of which have offices along the nearby highway 65 corridor. The top five employers in Rocklin are the school district, United Natural Foods, Sierra College, Oracle, and UPS.

As might be expected, Rocklin has been one of the fastest growing cities in California. Population has increased an average of 6% per year since 2000 and is expected to grow by 9% a year over the next five years. This means that land, homes, and office space in Rocklin should increase in demand.

Rocklin is Pro-Business and has Stable Leadership
The longevity and integrity of the Rocklin city leaders increases the stability of the area. They are able to manage the growth of the city with functional long-term planning that reduces uncertainty. Owning real estate in Rocklin is encouraged by the city's active use of California’s redevelopment act to improve infrastructure and to restore or beautify the more “run-down” areas of the city.

In addition, city leadership cares for the ongoing and emergency needs of the community with a quiet efficiency that allows the residents to live in peace. With the low crime rate of 20 crimes per 1000 residents, Rocklin is one of the safest cities in the area.

The business friendly environment adds still more incentive for owning land, houses, and office space in Rocklin. The Kosmont 2009 Cost of Doing Business survey rated Rocklin to be “very low cost.” New and relocating businesses will realize that Rocklin offers not only a high quality pool of potential employees, but also an attractive place that could encourage relocation.

Real Estate in Rocklin is Valuable, Though Depressed
Along with most of the country, the real estate market in Rocklin has slowed down. In fact, the average home price in Rocklin, as of April 2010, is $270,000. This is off dramatically from an average price that had been above $442,000 in 2007, and even higher in the years prior to 2007.

Even with such a dramatic drop in value, foreclosures have been well below average in Rocklin California, helping to keep neighborhoods from becoming run down. 64% of the total housing units in Rocklin are owner occupied, while just 10% are vacant. With Rocklin’s relatively high employment and homeowner integrity, most owners continue to pay their mortgages even though they may owe more than their home is currently worth.

Owning Rocklin Real Estate is a Good Investment
With everything Rocklin has to offer, its real estate prices are likely to come back early. The location, the community, the leadership, and the business climate of Rocklin are all excellent, making owning Rocklin real estate a potentially lucrative investment.