An electric broom offers many benefits. Many people wonder why they would want an electric sweeper when they already own a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner has many disadvantages. Vacuums can be messy to empty, they are heavy, they are hard to use and, most of all, they are expensive. Electric brooms are cheap compared to vacuum cleaners. A high quality electric broom can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars. A high quality vacuum cleaner will cost more than two hundred dollars. The main benefits of owning an electric broom are that it will save time spent cleaning, it is less painful to use, it uses less electricity than a vacuum, it is easy to use and it uses little space. Those are just five reasons why everyone should own an electric broom. Many more benefits are not even covered in this article. Read about the five main benefits below:

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Saves Time

Owning an electric broom can save a lot of time. When you have a mess to clean up, you can lug out the heavy vacuum, plug it in, hook up the hose and vacuum the spill. If the vacuum bag is full, you will need to change it. Cleaning up the mess with an electric broom will cut the cleaning time in half. All you would have to do is take the broom out of the closet, turn it on and clean up the mess. Emptying the broom only takes seconds. Take out the dirt cup and dump it in the trash. Putting away the electric sweeper does not take much time either. Just throw it in a closet. With a vacuum, the cord needs to be wrapped up, the tools need to be reattached to the tool holder and then it will need to be lugged back to storage. Save time by purchasing an electric broom.

Less Pain

Vacuuming can be a painful chore. Lugging it up and down stairs will hurt the back, as well as bending over to change the hose or to turn the vacuum on or off. Trying to change a vacuum bag can also be a pain. An electric broom will eliminate virtually all pain. Brooms are lightweight and can be carried up and down stairs effortlessly. They can be lifted up to change the dirt cup. The on and off switch is usually located on top of the handle so there is no bending to turn on the electric broom. There are also no cords to trip over. Tripping over cords can twist an ankle or break an arm when falling. Owning an electric broom is much less painful than owning a vacuum cleaner.

Less Electricity

An electric broom uses much less electricity than a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is used for tougher messes so they need more power to clean. Most vacuum cleaners get their power by plugging into a wall outlet. Electric sweepers use rechargeable batteries. Batteries used in the brooms can last for at least an hour before they need to be recharged. Recharging the batteries does not take much time. Of course, an electric broom cannot pick up tough spills and ground-in dirt but for lighter messes, an electric broom works great and saves electricity.

Easy to Use

Electric brooms are easy to use. To use an electric broom, turn it on and start sweeping. Mops and vacuums are difficult to use. A mop can be messy. To use a mop, the floor must be vacuumed or swept beforehand. Most mops will splatter water and may make an even bigger mess. A vacuum cleaner can be just as difficult. First, one has to hook up the tools that they want to use. Then they have to find the on switch, which can be hidden on some vacuums. If the vacuum bag is full, it has to be changed. This is a messy job and trying to get the new bag on the vacuum can be difficult. Do not go through the trouble and get an electric broom.

Saves Space

An electric broom is small and lightweight. It can fit it the smallest of spaces. Some common places to store an electric broom would be in a pantry, closet, garage or hanging on the backside of a door. A vacuum takes up a lot of space. Most vacuums will need to be stored in a large closet. This is difficult space to find in an apartment or condominium. Mops are also space hogs. Not only does the mop have to be stored but so does the bucket and soap. The bucket and soap might fit under the sink but then the mop has to be stored in a closet. Finding everything needed to mop the floor will be a hassle. Save space by replacing the vacuum and mop by purchasing an electric broom that can suck up both liquids and solids.

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Purchasing an electric broom is an investment. Spend a little money on a sweeper and save space, reduce frustration, reduce energy, reduce pain and save time. Another benefit of an electric broom is that it is fun to use. Even kids like to sweep using an electric broom. Give them the broom and let them go to work. There are many uses for an electric sweeper. It can be used to clean cobwebs hanging from the ceiling or to dust off the drapes. Before purchasing a rechargeable cordless sweeper, read some reviews and visit the store to try it out. Find a broom that is comfortable to use. Make sure it is not too short or too heavy. Each electric broom will have different features. One broom will not be right for everyone. Also check the prices of many different brooms. Some brooms will be overpriced for the features offered. With a little research, you will have all the benefits of owning an electric broom.