It's no secret that pollution can cause serious health problems and concerns to those who are exposed to it. Pollution is not the only airborne factor that can cause health concerns and discomfort - allergens , such as pollens and molds, can affect day-to-day life and health as well. Though it is nearly impossible to control exposure to outside pollutions and allergens - unless you are comfortable walking around in facemasks - for the majority it is the time spent indoors and the exposure you face inside your own home that can play a crucial role on your health. This is where portable air purifiers come into play and can most greatly benefit your well-being.

What Do Portable Air Purifiers Do?

Simply put air purifiers help remove undesirable airborne particles from the air therefore making it healthier to breathe in. The two most popular portable air purifiers for the home are; HEPA filtration air purifiers and ionizer air purifiers. Air purifiers that work with HEPA filtration pull in polluted particles that then pass through the filter where they become trapped and the clean air is pushed back into the room. Ionizers work in a different fashion. Ionic air purification systems use what is known as an electrostatic attraction. Ionizers do not use filters and instead use plates or panels that were to push charged ions into the air. Once this happens the charged ions will adhere themselves to pollutants and other undesirable particles in the air which removes or reduces their ability to float through the air and instead they will fall to the ground, attach to walls or any other surfaces they come in contact with where they can then be vacuumed up or washed away.

What Types of Airborne Pollutants Can Portable Air Purifiers Protect against?

It may vary depending on the type of air purifier or purification system as well as the size of the purification system that is being used however the following are said to be some of the pollutants, irritants and allergens that purifiers may be able to remove from your breathing air in your home.

Mold Particles*
Cigarette Smoke
Dust Mites*
Pet Dander

The EPA lists indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks. Considering that this is where people spend a good majority of their time it is no surprise how important is to take steps to ensure the air you're breathing in is as clean as possible. Portable Air purifiers can be a step in the right direction when it comes to cleaning contaminants out of your breathing air.

Air purifiers are not a fix all and other measures should be taken to rid your home of airborne contaminants and particles that may adversely affect your health. These other methods can include proper dusting, pest control, pet hygiene, regular vacuuming as well as proper maintenance to your home's heating and cooling ducts or systems.

*Some airborne contaminants such as mold spores, dust mites and some pollens as well as others are not always effectively removed using an air purifier. This is often because the particles are heavier and fall as opposed to floating through the air where they can then be picked up and pulled through the purification system.

Shopping for Air Purifiers

Portable air purifiers come in different sizes and are equipped to handle different sized rooms. It is important when shopping for a room air purifier that you know both; the size of the room it will be used in, as well as what size room the system is designed and capable of purifying. Also check your labels (product packaging) to verify that the product has met EPA standards.

Last but not least when shopping for a portable room air purification system check reviews for specific products. Learn about the pros and cons previous consumers list, as those can be a good method of finding the best air purifiers.