Any type of prolonged loud noise can really stress some people out and it's even worse when you are trying to accomplish something as mundane as cleaning your home efficiently and effectively as possible without the loud motor noise that some 'not so' quiet vacuum cleaners today emit, which can lead to a headache. Thankfully there are vacuum cleaners out there that do operate quietly which will lead to a more comfortable vacuuming experience with less stress where you should be able to hear the phone or doorbell ring too.

By purchasing a quiet vacuum cleaner you will not be compromising on suction power or performance either because vacuum technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the last decade enabling a less wattage motor power to be enhanced with other features that multiply suction power without the need for dated large heavy powerful motors. On average the noise output in the decibel measurement for most household vacuum cleaners range from 69 - 75, which is probably called 'noise pollution' in some homes and you really should be on the look out for anywhere under the 70 decibel level if possible because this is a very comfortable output and makes life a little more manageable when vacuuming.

One of the best vacuum manufacturers for engineering this type of quiet vacuum cleaner are Sebo, who have developed vacuum motors which provide high suction with the lowest possible wattage output by formulating a unique airflow structure combined with modern fan technology to produce some of the quietest machines in the industry. The Sebo Air belt canister vacuum is an extremely good example of a quiet vacuum running 1250 Watt/12 amps which emits a really low 68 decibel level for your comfort. This is definitely one of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market.

Electrolux claim that they manufacture one of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market with their high-tech developed Silent-Air Technology which outputs a very high airflow count and enables high-suction, at the same time keeping the decibel levels low and the consumer with a satisfying working environment. All vacuums have to be completely sealed to a very high standard not only to keep dust particles from escaping, but also to keep the noise output to a reasonable level.

A quiet vacuum will also have incorporated a type of acoustical 'foam based' substance padding in the canister, ideally surrounding the motor area to quash loud noise from escaping the body of the vacuum cleaner. There are various materials used for this and vacuum engineers are always testing to find the perfect noise absorbing material that keeps vacuum motor noise emission to an absolute minimum.

Miele are another very good reliable manufacturer of fine vacuum products with a record of producing low noise high suction vacuum cleaners. Their canisters are professionally sealed and their motors are suspended in a central position inside the canister which is surrounded by noise absorbent foam. The Miele Solution is one of the vacuums I have selected for quietness of operation which still has strong suction abilities although it utilises a relatively powerful motor.

The best measurement of suction power is Air watts and not motor watts, which is a better gauge to go by when looking for quiet vacuum cleaners because the higher quality vacuums on sale today do not have high wattage - they have high Air Watts, which is the ideal guidance when choosing a quiet vacuum because you will ultimately find the perfect vacuum cleaner that is 'quiet' and have very good suction ability.