For smokers, quitting seems to always make its way into their list of new year resolution. For most, it stays in the list year after year. Of course, the more determined and committed ones are able to strike it off the list the following year.

People quit for one reason to another and health is often being the primary reason why people decide to quit, even though they know for a fact that the journey isn't going to be an easy one.

Whilst there isn't a single best way to quit smoking, there are many methods one can choose if one decide to quit. Some of the methods are going cold turkey (which of course, is the most difficult one), depending on cessation aids such as pills, patches, nicotine gums as well as hypnotism.

But the fact of the matter is that whichever method you choose, it requires a great deal of determination and strong mindset to succeed. In fact, everything begins in your mind. No product can guarantee success if you never decide to put a stop to it and that's the cold hard truth about quitting.

Certainly knowing the benefits of quitting smoking does help in one way or another and improve your chances of success. It can't be denied that there are many long term effects of quitting, one of those is that you will live longer and healthier life, free of illnesses.

Well, it's a fact of life. Studies prove that those who smoke at least a pack of 20 a day don't live long enough. They tend to suffer with illnesses later in life. Yet knowing these consequences, many still disregard the health benefits of quitting and continue to puff till the day when everything is a little too late to stop. And when major illness strikes due to smoking, it puts a stop to everything.

And for those who are looking for instant gratification, there are also short term benefits of quitting and one of the most noticeable is that you'll get back your sense of smell and taste. Increased appetite, better stamina and the ability to appreciate fresher air. More importantly you no longer have to spend money on buying cigarettes and put a stop to setting light to money.

And in a time when every penny counts, quitting smoking seems to be a logical thing to save money. You can use the extra money to pay off your debt, if any or buy a better Christmas present for your spouse or children.

Needless to say, if you really love yourself and care for the people around you, spare a thought for them and make a commitment to quit today. Don't let the burden of your habit be theirs. And hopefully, your new year resolution will be something of this sort - "I've quit and I'll resolve to stay smoke free forever".

Now if you're dead serious about quitting but not quite sure how to begin, try the Cigarest formula. It helps you deal with the stress and pain of withdrawal especially in the first few days of quitting. Also watch this Ciggarest video and discover how quitting can be less painless and stressful. Good luck!