Hello, my name is Stephen. I have been a student at preparatory school throughout my high school career. I am writing this article in an effort to inform people interested on the true benefits of prep school from the viewpoint of a kid who has experienced it. I hope to help anyone who wants to know the true experience rather than what minimal details administrators and staff members give about it.


To begin with, prep school is the best learning environment to be in. prep schools on average are a lot smaller than public schools and provide a better and lower student to teacher ratio. By this I mean that there are fewer students in each classroom. This enables the teachers to get to know their students personally and work with them on their weaknesses. Teachers can control the classes better and teach a lot more material than in a public school. 


Only the kids on their best behavior are allowed into prep schools. Usually kids have to apply to get into a prep school, similar to college. Once students are admitted, based on their credentials, they have to abide by the honor code or they will be punished and can eventually be expelled based on their behavior over time. To put this into simpler terms, the bad kids and bullys get kicked out of school. This leaves an even better learning environment knowing that your kids are safe. 


College is the main goal of parents for their children these days. The best way to get into the college or University of your choice is to attend a prep school. I am not saying that public school doesn't present a great educational opportunity, but prep schools tend to be more demanding and are looked highly upon in a college application. Also, the main goal of the prep school you attend is to get you to the best college/University possible and with as many scholarships and grants as possible.


To sum everything up, prep school is a great advantage to students these days. They provide a safe learning environment that truly prepares your kid(s) for college. I myself can say that prep school was the best decision I have ever made. It helped me gain admittance to colleges/Universities with ease and with many scholarships. Sure, your kid will have to work hard and earn the grades, but prep school provides him/her with the best environment and opportunities to achieve these tasks.