What good would it be having Bar Refaeli as your girlfriend if only you knew she was the love of your life? It would be about as much fun as having created the greatest piece of software and not telling anybody it existed. And while there is probably more chance of you software developers out there having written a great piece of software than of landing Ms. Refaeli as your girlfriend, it really isn’t beyond the realms of your capabilities to find a way of marketing your software.

It is very rare for a product, any product, to find a market without it being effectively marketed. That is no different for software which enters a saturated playing field with an abundance of product offerings. Consequently, to get yourself and your product noticed, you have to stay ahead of the pack and market as much as possible so as to make your product known and hopefully generate some revenue as a reward for all your hard work.

There are numerous methods of marketing software but, just as writing software is best left to the experts, marketing software is best left to the experts. Sure it will cost you money but the investment is minimal in comparison to the time you would spend doing the job and potentially the time you would waste attempting to a job you are not capable of doing effectively.

A recent trend enables you to do your part in the marketing of your software by integrating a dynamic installer with your software. This will appeal to your programming capabilities as well as complement your software and its sales. A good dynamic installer such as such as Somoto will place your software on the cloud which results in quicker, more stable downloads and should also gain you access to Tier 1 advertisers. 

You can bundle your software with a more established offering for quicker market penetration or break it up into different versions, even giving away the basic version or giving a trial version of the complete software package, to entice potential buyers.

There are numerous ways to market your software and it is imperative that you do so if you want anyone other than yourself to know that it exists. Who knows, perhaps if you successfully market your brilliant software, Bar Refaeli may be attracted enough to become your better half. Stranger things have been known to happen.