Squirrels might remind us of the cute characters of Chip and Dale from the cartoons but squirrels can wreak havoc on your lawn, attics, roofs and garden furniture. The most humane way of saving your property and not harming these furry animals is to use a squirrel repellent. There are many benefits of using these repellents.

1. Saving your Property - The squirrels might be very endearing to look and feed but they can cause a lot of damage to the garden, structure and attic of your houses. Using a repellent avoids that damage, unnecessary expenditure and safeguards your property.

2. Easy to Use - The repellents are ready-made and easy to use as they are sprayed or just sprinkled in and around the garden and areas like trash cans visited by the squirrels. The spray is easily and safely administered by any one and you do not need to call the pest control.

3.Bio-degradable and Non Toxic - These products are not poisonous and completely safe to use.You need not worry about  any accident involving your pets or any person being affected by these squirrel repellents. Even your garden, flower beds and vegetable patches are completely safe with these bio-degradable squirrel repellents. It is perfectly safe for your dogs or other pets and are not toxic for them.

4. Fresh Fragrance - The added benefit of using a squirrel repellent is the lovely fresh smell that will permeate your home both indoors and outdoors. The fragrance will leave all your surroundings critter free and smelling great.

5. Long Term Effect - These sprays can be used the year round and are effective for a very long time. You may need to only use these repellents 3-4 times a year for them to stay effective the year round.

6. Keeps your Garden Blooming - The greatest advantage of using a squirrel repellent is that it does not let all your gardening and landscaping efforts go waste. Not only does it keep the squirrels away, it also stops them from ruining your blooms and vegetables.

7. Cost Effective - The high cost of utilizing the services of pest control can be avoided by using these squirrel repellents. The repellents are easily available and cost-effective to use and their effect is immediate. You can take action on the critters before they become a menace.


8. Stops other Rodents too - The use of these repellents not only keeps the squirrels from becoming a menace and destroying your property but also keeps others rodents like rats, rabbits and even deer away from your land and adjoining areas.

9. Humane Method - These squirrel repellents are a harmless and humane way of controlling the squirrel menace unlike the traps used earlier. They can be administered safely and keeps both you and the squirrels safe. It is a harmless method that is beneficial for the squirrels and your property.


The use of these safe and simple squirrel repellents will ensure the safety of your house and loved ones. The benefits of these repellents will guarantee that once you use these sprays or sprinkle  this product you will never need to use any other product.