Super Sod Turfgrass from Patten Seed Company

Super Sod is a division of the Patten Seed Company and has been in commercial production for over 45 years. Super Sod turfgrass benefits are many and in this article we take a close look at some of them. It is only natural for people with lawns to want the best looking lawn on the block, and this is possible because of the Super Sod turfgrass benefits to lawn owners.

Super Sod offers some of the finest quality turf grasses for a variety of uses from golf courses to homeowner lawns. The golf industry has high standards and their demands for quality turf grass are very high. In order to provide this high quality and meet exceptional standards, Super Sod has had to improve and perfect the quality of their turfgrass offerings. This is a huge benefit to anyone who buys their product.

Super Sod has made a name for itself in the turfgrass industry and is one of the largest producers of turf grass in the South. They are reputed not just for quality, but their timely delivery and superior products. Customers who buy their sod from Super Sod can be assured of a very high quality of product.

Super Sod has some superior performing turfgrasses in major turf categories that are offered exclusively to their customers.

Super Sod is one of the oldest and largest producers of warm season turfgrass and sod. They have a wide range of products on offer, all backed by years of experience and expertise. Super Sod offers a range of turfgrass and sod choices that include:

  •     Bermuda grasses: Shanghai – a unique blue-green colored grass that requires low maintenance; TifSport – the latest and the best ever yet for golf and other sports lawns; Tifway – the traditional offering for regular golf, home lawns and other sports lawns.
  •     Zoysia grasses: Zenith – a low water, winter hardy turf grass; Super-Z – one of the newer offerings for lawns that is very fast growing; Meyer – medium leaf width for lawns; Emerald – a fine textured grass ideally suited for landscapes.
  •     St. Augustine: Mercedes – best suited for full sun and shady lawns, this is a cold tolerant turf grass.
  •     Centipede grass: best suited for low maintenance lawns in the south.
  •     Tall Fescue: offers special blends aptly suited for cool, shady landscapes.

Super Sod does not simply sell the product to the customer and shut the door. The Patten Seed website offers a wealth of information from selecting and buying the right turf grass to laying it, watering it and caring for the lawn. The company is well represented in the South with products being sold at Super Sod outlets as well as from authorized landscape, lawn and garden and turf supply stores.

The company offers a delivery and pick-up service for sod for most of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia. All the customer needs to do is, call the local Super Sod store or authorized re-seller to arrange delivery for a home lawn or landscape project.

To summarize, the benefits of buying a superior quality turfgrass product from Super Sod, extend beyond just a good product.  Create a lush, green lawn that's the envy of your neighbors with Super Sod turfgrass.