The use of biometrics have been around since the era of the cavemen. Whether you are using it for identification purposes, security, etc., biometric technology is slowly erupting to become one of the most reliable pieces of technology for businesses and personal uses. There are a wide variety of biometric tools offered from fingerprint scanners to facial and voice recognition that cater to any specific need. Here are some reasons why you should use biometric technology and how it can help you and your business:

Fingerprint Scanner

Improves Security

You can help your business or home feel safer by utilizing biometric technology. Implementing fingerprint or eye scanners on doors can help your home or office become safer. Your keys may have been stolen or duplicated, how can you prevent this from happening you may ask? Fingerprint scanners are very effective since it specifically scans the owner’s fingerprint to unlock the door; therefore this provides almost flawless security. Voice recognition is also another type of device offered to enhance security. Retinal scanners use a technology that captures an image of eye patterns in order to compare them to previously recorded images. This deffinitely one of the most secure forms of biometric technology. However, retinal scanners are a lot more expensive and harder to find compared to fingerprint scanners. Your precious valuables/businesses/homes will be safe behind the baracades of biometric technology. 

Improves Efficiency

Position yourself as the manager of a big factory and you need to keep track of your workers, but how would you do that? Utilizing time and attendance software , keeping track of who’s working and who’s not has never been easier. Using biometric devices such as fingerprint, voice recognition and retinal scanners, you able to ensure that your employees are actually working when they claim to be. Also, using a time and attendance software combines the hours each employees worked, their payroll, sick/vacation days. Having this information automatically collaborated eliminates the hours used to develop and enter the same information into spreadsheets. Therefore, not only do time and attendance systems help businesses become more organized, but it also improves efficiency and will dramatically decrease the error rates. 

Improves Accountability

By using a biometric device (voice recognition devices, fingerprint, hand punch and retinal scanners)  rather than simply stamping a time card, ensures that the employee is actually at work or leaving work. These biometric devices help to solve the issue of time theft aka “buddy punching”, a term used to describe when other employees clock in/out for one another. This is extremely crucial in large businesses where it is very difficult to know whether or not employees are actually clocking in and out for themselves.  Utilizing biometric technology in the work environment will increase employee accountability, while also improving efficiency since employees will actually be working when they "claim" to be.

Cost Effective

A natural bi-product of increased accountability and efficiency is increased profit. By making employees more accountable to attendance times, you will increase productivity because employees would be working the full duration of their shift without "skipping out". The same is true for increased efficiency. Creating a smoother process by using a biometric time and attendance system, will allow HR employees to work on other tasks instead of having to input employee shifts/payrolls into spreadsheets.  As a result, businesses can expect higher productivity and increased profits for the long term.

Overall, there are many benefits to biometric technology from personal safety to business security, increased productivity and efficiency. Do you want your business to be more secure? Do you wish for your company to be more efficient and productive? Start utilizing biometric technology today!