Using a goal setting worksheet will help you stay focused on your goals and give you an opportunity to reward yourself for achieving them.  However dueling the task of keeping a log of goals may seem, the benefits are vast, and it can make all the difference in the execution of your strategic planning.

Included in every long-term goal are a series of short-term goals that are all in place to guide you to one larger purpose.  It is in the execution of the short-term goals that we find it easy to lose sight of our end.  Getting caught up in the means is easy.  Eventually, we discover that we have allowed other factors to change our course of action.

Using a goal setting worksheet helps to keep things in perspective.  It is a daily reminder that we have decided what we want out of life for which we have made a plan to acquire.  Using a goal setting worksheet also helps to identify areas of potential weakness.  If there are goals that you are not meeting, you need to investigate the reasons as to why.

It is during this phase that you must not cut corners.  A successful accomplishment of goals is not always necessarily easy.  What's easy is turning away when there are things you don't understand...Pretending like they don't exist and that they will never affect you.

Confusing and challenging elements are present in almost every facet of life.  You owe it to yourself to embrace them and educate yourself on them.  If there are words that you do not know, look them up.  If there are things you do not understand, ask questions.  Knowing your options is one of the most important factors of strategic planning, and knowing the things that could get in your way is even more important.

Experiencing the long haul reward for your efforts will make it all worth while.  Rewarding yourself along the way is another great benefit of keeping track of your outstanding and accomplished goals.  Far too many times in life we go on and continue to trudge and never take the time to reward ourselves for the accomplishments we have made.  By referring to your worksheet, you are offering yourself constant reminders that you are actually following through on something that's good for you.  Perhaps you can set up rewarding gifts for yourself, so that you have something to motivate you even harder to accomplish the next goal on your worksheet.

Whether your goal consists of timed milestones or they are of a variable nature, there are numerous benefits to keeping one constant place to where you can measure your progress.  One of the main causes of failing to achieve goals is their loss of importance as you are pulled in other life directions.  Staying focused and creating a 'home' for your goals will help to insure that you never lose sight of what you're after.

You don't need to spend a lot of money or pay for a program online.  All you have to do is create a worksheet – whether simple or advanced – onto which you will record your goals.  You will use your goal setting worksheet to monitor your progress as you inch toward success.