Benefits of Using a Night Camera

The other night, a tractor was missing from Southern Oaks Funeral Home in PulaskiCounty.  From the surveillance, the director and staff were able to find out the story.  They found out someone came in behind the funeral home. They could identify him as a man in a baseball cap who was looking for something beforehand around the tractor – presumably, the key.  Not finding what he was looking for, he left, then came back about an hour later and successfully stole the tractor.  At the Valley Farm Equipment Center 18 miles away, a key to the same vehicle was missing.

What would have happened had the funeral home not invested in a night camera security system?  The tractor would have gone missing, and they wouldn’t have known how it happened.  With night video technology, they were able to identify the thief, piece together the story of what had happened, and gather specific data, such as the exact time the incident happened.

The benefits of technology have helped in cases like this, where the organization was able to get a good idea of what caused the incident.  If you want to invest in surveillance technology, there are a few different options from which to choose.  You will need to consider whether or not you need the camera specifically indoors, or as an outdoor webcam.  Do you want to go wireless?  Do you need camera software for a Mac or a pc?  Luckily, there are many camera options to meet your individual needs.

When looking for a night camera in particular, you might want to check out the Mobotix network camera, which has infrared capabilities that can shoot images in total darkness.  The Mobotix ip camera utilizes technology more than a normal internet camera does, allowing more flexibility, better encryption, higher resolution, and distributed intelligence with analytics, all within the camera. 

The vivotek ip camera is a slightly cheaper option.  You can choose between the Vivotek IP7130 indoor fixed ip security camera and the Vivotek FD8134V outdoor IP security camera, which both come with ip camera software called Milestone Xprotect.  If you’re looking for a wireless network camera, though, you can go with the Vivotek IP7134 wireless compact fixed IP camera with cell phone browser and audio.

Another brand you can look at, Pelco cameras,  include the Pelco Sarix IM10C10-1, the Sarix IX30DN, and the Sarix IX10DN.  The Sarix ID10-DN8-1 is ideal for large installations.  If you’re looking for a security camera for Mac, look specifically for the software, SecuritySpy for Mac, which is included with many Axis products, specifically the P3343-V, the P5534 and the Q1910-E.

Whatever you decide for your video technology, do the research and talk to specialists online who can help you.  You can avoid future incidents and increase your security, by investing in a good night security system.