Virtualization is the foundational elements of an automated, agile infrastructure. It helps you in seeding up development cycles and deploys new resources in an easy and faster manner. With the use of advanced features like live migration, high availability and VMware, you can simply implement cost effective and high-availability disaster recovery strategies that are easy to manage.

At the operations level the ease and speed with which new applications can be deployed has resulted in many organizations resolving the issues server sprawl, only to be faced with the new problem to manage VM sprawl. VMware scheduling is important in case your original copy gets compromised by hardware failure, malware or some other single point of failure glitch. People generally make a few mistakes while creating these backups in a bid to avoid the dire consequences. Some of them are:

  • Not scheduling backups – there are times in businesses when the servers experience a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is best to apply VMware scheduling backup regularly, when servers are not receiving heavy requests. This should be avoided during virus scan, server maintenance, high traffic business hours etc. thus this allows a faster backup with few or probably no interruptions.
  • Ignoring errant snapshots - this backing up process involves creating snapshots so that data does not change when the backing up process begins as this can corrupt the backup. This can sometimes also lead to loss of data. VMware scheduling should be done effectively by deleting all the unneeded snapshots after use. There are some third party tools available that help a person to ease this process.
  • Not staggering your VMware backups – creating VMware backups on many machines can lead to the slowdown of VM’s on the host. This can be avoided by backing up a single server at a time. However, if creation of simultaneous backups is necessary then stagger them so that you are not using the same virtual machine file system t the same time.
  • Avoid dealing with bottle necks on host server – a good system administrator is well aware about all the visible and invisible bottlenecks on its system. Using resource usage monitoring tools in the backup process can give you an insight on bottlenecks in your servers and give you a chance to deal with them before the backups are destroyed.

VMware scheduling is necessary for the smooth running for your IT department and avoiding the above mistakes will ensure that your backup processes are handled smoothly.