Having owned various dogs over the years, I know all to well the benefits of regular dog walking. Firstly though I must hold my hands up and say that, for various reasons, our regular walks have been less frequent of late than is really acceptable.

The thing is that walking your dog benefits all concerned.

The gal

Your Dog or Dogs

Dogs walk. That is one of their main occupations in this life. They need regular exercise and plenty of it. This stimulates their mind and psyche and helps to keep them physically fit. Believe it or not, a dog can get depressed, in much the same way that a human being can. It is cruel to keep a dog cooped up all of the time. Bear in mind also that a bored dog may soon become a naughty dog!

If you walk your dog on a variety of surfaces, such as grass and paths, his or her nails should not need trimming. Walking regularly on concrete should help minimise the length of the pet's nails.

Helping a dog learn to socialise with other dogs is vital. Dog walking should do this. No one wants a dog that goes wild at the mere sight of another pooch.


Walking your dog can also benefit you. It can help keep you fit, keep your weight down and help you to bond with your pet. It means that you will benefit from exercising in the great outdoors.

When you take regular walks, with your pet, you will soon find that you have a new circle of friends. These will be the dogs and their owners who you meet on your travels. The doggie community are usually quite friendly and sociable.

A pal

As a learning experience

Walking your dog can also be part of the pet's training. Crossing the road, sitting, walking to heel and having some free time, off the lead, can all be practised outdoors.

General Advice

Make sure that you always have plenty of bags, and anything else needed, on your walks to clean up your dog's mess. These days I prefer to take small nappy or pamper sacks. These are small plastic bags which are slightly scented. They are designed for disposing of disposable baby's nappies after use. These bags are perfect for a pile of dog mess. This may not be a nice task but it is an essential one.

Take a few small dog toys and treats with you. These can be useful for playing with your dog once it has been allowed from its lead or as a reward. Treats can be handy also for other dogs you may encounter.

If your dog is unfriendly, or you fear that the animal may snap at someone, use a muzzle. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Dogs are very much creatures of habit and, once you have established a dog walking routine, you will need to stick to it. Still, I am sure that you will agree that your dear animal, deserves that much, at the very least.