One of the best things about working from home is you get the ability to, well, work from home. There are countless people that work from home but there are even more people who continue to work a fulltime job while supplementing their income by also working from home. Here are some of the top reasons why people like to do this.

More stable

By working a regular 9-5 job and working from home you will be much more stable. If you work from home for yourself then you will find that your income can fluctuate drastically each month. By working a regular 9-5 job you will have a guaranteed wage from your regular job and then all the money your bring in by working from home is simply bonus money.

Less stress


When you are working full-time from home without a regular job it can be very stressful. There is no one looking over you so it is vital that you are able to work on your own. When you have rent to pay and clients have not paid you yet then you can and will feel tremendous pressure. By working a regular job you will be able to eliminate a lot of the excess pressure. When you work from home it is to get extra money and not money that you rely upon to feed yourself. One of the greatest things about working from home is freedom, but many people who have worked from home fulltime would rather trade some of the freedom for less stress.

More money

By working a full time job and continuing your work from home opportunities you have a more money each month. You can use this extra money to go on vacation, buy new clothes, or to invest in new business opportunities. More money can often equal less stress to because you are able to not only payoff all your monthly bills but also be able to save money. Making more money is always a great thing to do and when you work from home in addition to working a regular full time job you will definitely be making more money than you were before.

By working full time at both your work at home job and your regular job you will be putting a lot of hours in but you will also be able to get ahead financially by being able to earn a lot of extra money. Most divorces are marital problems are caused by financial reasons so having money can even help saved you from divorce.

Ability to retire sooner

If you word a full time job and work from home then you can retire sooner. If you simply save up all the money you earn writing from home then you can be very successful as retiring earlier then your friends and neighbors. If you invest that extra money you earn into other business opportunities then you could potentially earn much more money and be afforded the opportunity to retire much sooner.

Build up passive income sooner

Many people such as article writers and Internet marketers quit their regular job and begin working from home full-time so they can build up their passive income faster. The problem is that this often backfires. Instead of being able to write articles for yourself you are forced to write for other people in order to pay your bills. This drastically slows down the rate at which you can build up passive income.

If you work full-time then you can focus on writing articles solely for yourself and this will allow you to build up the number of articles in your folio much faster and then you will be able to get more passive income quicker.


Many people need benefits such as a 401K or health insurance. In order to be able to afford medical insurance most people need to work a full-time job that offers it because if you simply work full-time from home you will not be able to afford the insurance premiums and will be stuck without insurance. Keeping your work from home job in addition to a regular job will allow you to make extra money working from home and still get the benefits of a regular job such as medical insurance.

Who’s a Loser Now Syndrome!

Many people seem to think they are doing better than you because they drive a nice car and have a better paying job than you do. What they may not realize is that your car is paid off and even though they may have a better job than you, you are also working from home so your income is actually much higher than theirs. Instead of spending this money or bragging about it you save it up and then suddenly one day go buy a house. They will be amazed that you could afford a house with such a lowly job and ask how much interest you are paying and how much you had to put down. This is where you throw it in their face that you have no interest because you paid cash for the house!


Working full-time from home can often get very depressing and boring. By splitting your time up between a regular job out of the home and an at home job then you will be able to reap the benefits of both. One of the most interesting things about people is we want to work from home but then when we begin we start to crave interaction with other people. When we work a regular job with other people we crave time alone away from people. By working both at home away from people and at a regular job with other people you will be able to get the benefits of both without tiring of either. If you are forced to work from home non-stop then the glamour of it will rapidly erode away and you may look enviously upon homeless people who are able to get outside and talk with people.