There are several benefits of writing an eBook, which is the reason why amateurs and professionals alike are attracted to it and find writing an eBook a challenging task. For amateurs and enthusiasts alike, it is a great way to start off their writing career. For the more experienced writers it is a great way to share and market their experience and expertise.

There is no need to find a publisher for the first time. One can just advertise the eBook online via their own website or you can utilize companies such as E-Junkie, who offer ebook publishing, marketing platforms and the opportunity to utilize affiliates to do your marketing for you. In addition, the price can be fixed and modified by the individual, depending on the target customers.

You can always have offers that attract more customers and readers, like giving away the eBook to the first 100 people for free. Also, writing an eBook as an amateur can be a great way to explore the potential of the writer within you. This is true, more so, because an eBook might be written on any topic under the sun - there are even ebooks on how to write ebooks!

The online groups of people are very large with a very wide variety of tastes. Whatever topic you choose to write on, you are bound to find people wanting to read on that subject, be it on education like writing an elementary book teaching C or be it on the conspiracy theories of wanting to find out the truth behind 9/11.

This flexibility and ease of marketing that come with writing and ebook publishing are great tools to help make a name for yourself in the online world. For the more professional writers, an eBook is a great way to explore such topics that one may not write for printed books. This forms a nice way to relax from the routine stuff and to explore some unknown territories. And who knows, you might end up writing an actual printed book on a topic you only fantasized about!

You can always find a good audience online, so for a professional writer, getting people to read their eBook should not be a big problem they just need to target their niche audience. Your eBooks should be appropriately priced though for readers to buy it.

The income generated from an eBook can also nicely compliment any already existing income streams and is ideal for those who bring in residual income. In fact there are people out there who make a living out of writing and selling ebooks without a day job.

Simply because there is a need for knowledge and ebooks offer a cost effective means (most often) of obtaining this knowledge without having to take extensive training or putting out for a continuing education. The array of subjects and topics both specific and broad that are offered or that can be written on, are extensive and therefore make it especially attractive to writers and those who have any expertise on any subject.

Many people would enjoy the financial independence that such a life would bring, and also the challenges involved in writing new stuff on different topics to cater to the needs of different groups of people. Thus writing eBooks certainly bring about great challenges for every level of writer, but is worth the effort in the end, irrespective of your previous writing background.

Ebooks are obviously not something that should be easily dismissed, whether you are a writer just starting out, a website owner offering unique products services or expertise, or a writer with a broad history of publications and content portfolios.

This could be just another mediocre marketing technique for some but the experience alone makes it worth giving it a shot. Not to mention that it could, for many, also be the one that helps you to stand out over others and helps build you a decent profit.