Benefits of Writing for Infobarrel

Benefits of Writing for Infobarrel (26804)

Many people already write for revenue sharing sites through the google adsense program by adding original and unique content for google adsense revenue. Infobarrel is one of those sites that you may want to consider. In addition to the google adsense revenue sharing, Infobarrel also includes Amazon and Chitika as another way to earn money writing on this site.

There are many benefits of writing for Infobarrel that I have found in my first few months as a member. Read on if you're interested in learning what Infobarrel has to offer and decide for yourself if you'd like to join today!

Joining Infobarrel:

Google Adsense

First of all, it's fast, easy and free to join Infobarrel. You'll simply sign up by creating your account and adding your username, address, phone and email address as well as your google adsense information. If you don't already have a google adsense account, you can sign up directly from your Infobarrel account page and earn 75% of the adsense clicks. Check out the monthly contest to increase your earnings to 90% of google adsense monthly! That is more than most sites share and is also a transparent earning system that doesn't keep you guessing at how much you'll earn.


Continuing on your account information, you can add your twitter username so that all of your published articles will immediately be tweeted by Infobarrel on your behalf saving you this extra step.

Author Signature

Below your account information is an area to add your 'About Me' information. This will become your signature box on all of your published articles. Infobarrel also allows you to create several author boxes to be used on your assorted articles. This is a very nice feature that also allows you to add two self-serving links to your blogs, websites or other articles.

Writing Platform of Infobarrel:

Ability to Choose the Format You Enjoy

The template that Infobarrel has for the writer is very easy to use and allows the writer to choose four different formats: One is a blank article that gives you total freedom in designing your article set-up. There are also templates for the 'How-To' format, 'Video' format and 'Review' format which makes is fast and easy for any writer to create the type of article that they prefer. This makes for the ability to quickly add articles to your library.


Titles can be keyword researched and saved as drafts for a week until you can write your article. This is a great feature since Infobarrel is still a growing site and many of the best keywords are still available so you can lock in many titles as drafts. Your title can still be used beyond the 7 day window as long as no one else has taken it.

Things to Do is an area of pre-named titles that can assist the writer who may get writer's block. Simply choose one of these available articles from a huge list of potentials. This area also may spark another idea for you to write an article so, use it merely as inspiration if you need help.

Adding Images

Infobarrel allows you to add images easily from your computer using a 'browse' feature. Once your image is installed, you simply drag and place the image where you'd like it to appear inside your article.

Charity Feature

Infobarrel offers writers an ability to write for charity and by simply choosing the 'Charity Article' option all monies generated will be donated to charity.

Article Body

This area of the article is where you write your original and unique content. A great benefit of writing for Infobarrel is that you are permitted to add two self-serving contextual links as long as they're not in the first paragraph of your article. Infobarrel is a do- follow site and is a great place for backlinks to increase traffic to all of your other online work. You can also edit any article to make changes. This may best be done after the first 10 articles are approved.

You do own the content of your articles that you add to Infobarrel and you are able to remove articles by simply emailing administration through the conact area.

Publishing Your Infobarrel Article

Infobarrel will review your first 10 articles written as a way to prevent spam and to maintain the quality of the site. The review process takes 24-48 hours for your article to go live. There is no limit to the amount of articles you can publish on the site or any limit to the amount of articles you can publish in one day. If you are able to add your first 10 articles within a day or two, you'll be able to publish the rest of your content immediately without any review process.

Articles on Infobarrel should be at least 400 words which is easy for most writers and most topics. Higher worded articles will be worth more points in the monthly contest and many writers on Infobarrel try to get at least 31 points per month.

Infobarrel Bonuses


Infobarrel offers monthly contests that allow anyone to participate in. There's a different topic for each contest and allows the top 3 winners to earn amazon gift cards. Other benefits of the contest are to increase your google adsense revenue by up to15% by earning points for your articles.

Point System

Infobarrel offers a point system as a motivating tool for participating on the site such as adding comments to articles, writing articles, commenting in the forum, referring others and other fairly easy things to do.

Referral Bonus – Infobarrel offers you 2% of the adsense of those that you refer to the site and is a nice bonus that other sites do not offer.


The Infobarrel forum is the place to go for all of your unanswered questions. The experience of the older members is invaluable. They are wise, helpful and easy to talk to. There are also many members with hundreds of articles that are willing to share their knowledge, earnings and teach others. This helps to inspire writers to continue to write more to earn more knowing it is possible.


The Infobarrel administration is often on the forums and available to assist members by answering questions. They respond quickly and have been very helpful and patient. They are very transparent with the site operations so that everyone is kept informed on any changes or improvements happening on the site. They also ensure that quality articles are being produced on the site for the benefit of the site and the members.

Earning Potential on Infobarrel

The earning potential for a writer on Infobarrel is limitless if you are willing to work at increasing your article body, writing original quality content, applying for the google adsense program, applying for an amazon account, backlinking your work to other sites and being consistent in your work. Chitika is an additional way to earn money with ads placed on your articles and they are a nice bonus as another way to earn money online through article writing.

If you're interested in writing for Infobarrel, feel free to join here and I'll be happy to help you any way that I can.

I earned $4.66 in my first month at Infobarrel and can see the potential of this growing writing site and you can too. In my second monthy writing at Infobarrel, I won the monthly contest and earned a $100 Amazon gift card and increased my article library by 84 articles. In my third month as a writer on Infobarrel, I have over 130 articles and have earned just around $50. Google adsense pays out at $100 and I'm working my way there slow and steady wins the race! Month four I should hit payout and with 160 articles now, I'm bookmarking my articles to gain more traffic and earn more $$. It's fun and easy with a slow and steady pace that you could do too.

Cheers to your writing success at Infobarrel – I think you'll love it!