A grossan sinus irrigator is just one of many sinus irrigators that are becoming a hot item with those people interested in relieving sinus pressure and improving their breathing, sinus health and general quality of life. Many people are uncomfortable with a neti pot and are seeking another method for sinus congestion relief and allergy relief. For these people, a grossan sinus irrigator may prove to be just the ticket to a healthy sinus. A simple device, the grossan sinus irrigator is able to do the same things as a neti pot, but many people claim its delivery system to the sinuses is more comfortable and effective.

What is a grossan sinus irrigator?

A grossan sinus irrigator (also called a grossan nasal irrigator or a grossan hydropulse system) is a device very similar to a common dental waterpik. It was invented to improve sinus health and for the relieving of sinus pressure. This machine gently pulses a saline solution into the nasal system for cleaning and moisturizing.


How is it used?

The user simply grabs the toothbrush sized delivery wand and inserts a special tip into the nostril. Gentle, mild saline solution is then pumped in a pulsating action into the sinus area to sweep out foreign matter, mucous, allergens and anything else that might cause health issues. This nasal sinus irrigator has interchangeable tip capabilities that can do different things. Some grossan sinus irrigator tips can even clean out the throat and tonsil area preventing bacterial buildup and bad breath. There are also specialized sinus irrigation solutions that have a high hydrating and moisturizing affect and can prevent painful dry sinuses. The common saline solution also works really well.

Grossan Sinus Irrigator

What benefits does a grossan sinus irrigator deliver?

The main benefit is to clear congestion and relieve nasal pressure. Users claim to have an improved feeling of respiratory health and less drainage. As stated, it can relieve dry sinuses, bad breath, sinus infections and provide allergy relief. Another non-health benefit is the ease of use. Unlike a neti pot which many find messy, the grossan hydropulse system is cleaner, easier to perform and the gentler pulsating action helps alleviate the feeling of "drowning" that neti pot users find scary. The fact that only saline or a mild hydrating solution is used is appealing. Many people do not wish to use drugs to cure their sinus problems. This is one of the most effective drug free methods available.

The Oprah Winfrey show and Dr. Oz have increased the popularity of nasal sinus irrigators for relieving sinus pressure. For dissatisfied neti pot users, the grossan sinus irrigator may prove to give the desired release from pressure with greater ease of use. This is now a mainstream device and a replacement or specialized grossan sinus irrigation tip,sinus irrigation solutions and hydropulse systems are available at better drug stores or online at sites such as Amazon.