There are many benefits to hiring a paper shredding company. The benefits tend to be the same for both homeowners and businesses. Many people don’t realize how important it is to shred their sensitive documents. A document shredding company isn’t as expensive as you might think. Most paper shredding companies will come right to your location and will shred the documents on the spot. If they can’t make it to your location, they will give you secure bins to ship your documents in. Some shredding companies will offer discounts if you sign a yearly contract and have them shred your documents each month. Paper shredding companies are experts in destroying your sensitive documents. They know how to shred paper so that it can never be retrieved. A reputable shredding company will make their employees go through extensive training and background checks. You can be sure that their employees will not be stealing your identity. The shredding facilities are secure and only employees are allowed inside. There are security measures in place to make sure no one gets into the documents. Your documents will be securely destroyed using the best shredding equipment. Here are the top three benefits of a paper shredding company:

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Benefit #3 - Saving Time

Time(106634)Credit: businesses that have a lot of documents to shred, hiring a paper shredding company can be a big time saver. You could purchase your own commercial shredder and shred papers yourself but it may take you hours depending on how much paper you have to shred. As the owner of a business, you wouldn’t want your employees to be spending all of their time shredding paper. They would fall behind in their work and you would have a real problem on your hands. When you hire a paper shredding company to come each month, you are freeing up your employee’s time. They won’t have to think about shredding anymore. The shredding company will provide bins that look a lot like trash bins. Documents that need to be shredded are placed in the bins and once a month, the shredding company will shred the documents. You will be saving time and money by hiring a third party to shred your company’s documents. As a homeowner, you hiring a shredding company can also save you time if you don’t want to spend time shredding your mail or other sensitive documents when you get home from a long day of hard work.

Benefit #2 - Reducing Clutter

Clutter(106635)Credit: you have a desk full of paperwork? Hiring a paper shredding company can be the perfect way to get rid of that clutter. They will come to your location each month and shred all documents that you don’t want. This can greatly reduce the amount of clutter that builds up on your desk. The shredding company will provide bins that you can store all of this clutter in until they come to get shred it. This keeps the clutter off of your desk. Many people keep documents for much longer than they should because they don’t want to throw away sensitive documents but they don’t know what else to do with it. All of these old documents can fill a file cabinet quickly. The shredding company can securely shred all of these sensitive documents and free up space in the file cabinet. Another good way to remove all paper clutter is to scan your important documents into your computer and save the files and then send all the paper to the shredding company. If you need a copy of a document, you can print one out. It is easier to find documents in a computer than a file cabinet. A paper shredding company is a good way to reduce clutter in any office or home.

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Benefit #1 - Preventing Identity Theft

Identity Theft(106636)Credit: number one benefit of a paper shredding company is that they will help you prevent identity theft. When you throw away documents from your home or office, those documents might wind up in the hands of a criminal. Some people will dig into the trash and try to find any information about you, your family or your business. They will use this information to steal your identity. The best way to prevent this from happening is to destroy those documents by burning them or shredding them. Obviously, it is too much work to burn them (unless you like to go camping). Shredding documents is easy to do but if you don’t do it right, criminals will still be able to find your information by piecing together the documents. Hiring an expert to shred your documents will ensure that they cannot be pieced back together. The shredding company makes sure that no unauthorized persons will see your sensitive documents. They have strict hiring procedures. Background checks are completed on all employees. Security guards make sure that only employees are allowed into the shredding facility. If you do happen to get your identity stolen, the paper shredding company will provide support and will often refund your money. They will do everything in their power to make sure your documents are secure and that identity theft never happens.

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Hiring a paper shredding company can make a lot of sense for many businesses and individuals. They can save you a lot of time because you won’t have to spend your time trying to recycle or shred your sensitive documents yourself. The shredding company can come right to your house and do your shredding for you. They can even take the shredded documents with them so you don’t have to head to the recycling center. Shredding companies can help reduce clutter by regularly shredding your junk mail, old documents and sensitive data. Instead of sitting on your desk or clogging up your file cabinet, documents can be kept in a shredding bin that is emptied once a month. Finally, shredding companies can protect your identity. If you are worried about criminals finding your information by going through your paper documents, a document shredding company can destroy those documents so the criminals never find them. Hiring a paper shredding company may be the best thing you can do to save your identity.