A raw food diet and weight loss plan is a good and nourishing organic approach to eating. Followers of a raw food diet, who have long spoken of the benefits of their chosen eating habits, have at long last received some evidence about the specific health advantages, as popular research has recently found substantial health benefits connected to pursuing a raw food diet.

Just what exactly Is A Raw Food Diet?

It really is a way of eating that needs a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of organic and uncooked fruits and vegetables, along with seeds, nut products, grains and beans.
Meals are thought to be raw when it's uncooked or “ready” beneath 116°F, as more than this particular temperature range, food begins to shed its needed nutritional requirements.

Traditionally admirers eating a raw food diet try to eat no less than three quarters of their total food consumed as raw and otherwise unprocessed plant based ingredients.

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The Disadvantages of Cooking Food

After we cook food items, we inevitably eliminate a number of the minerals, necessary for good health. Once we eat too many overly-cooked, microwaved and processes foods, it can lead to digestive disorders and problems with the colon. It can also result in an increase in an overall number of difficulties, which includes, cancer, heart-disease, diabetes and a lot of other limiting healthcare conditions.

Cooking could upset the natural construction of food, denying it of the crucial natural value. Lots of Raw food supporters feel the human body never was suitable to eat cooked food and numerous believe it is usually unhealthy for the human body.

Amazing benefits of a Raw Food Diet

There are countless reports to the advantages of a raw food diet and the end results have proven that this method of eating will offer significant health improvements, most notably a reduced chance of heart disease and breast cancer along with a decrease in other persistent diseases while encouraging a more helthier weight, reduced cholesterol levels, together with effective strong bones.

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What Exactly Do I Actually eat Using a Raw Food Diet?

For those of you that are thinking that a Raw Food diet is very boring then you are mistaken. While fresh fruit and veg are a large proportion of a raw diet it doesn't mean that is all you can eat.

Infact, there are a number of different degrees you can take the raw diet to.

Lots of people that adhere to a strict raw food diet are vegetarian. A number of them consume raw animal goods, including raw milk, cheese constructed from milk, and fish.

Some actually eat exclusivley raw foods and nothing else shall pass their lips. These are the strict raw diet people and while I admire them I am certainly not one of them. No offense guys but these are usually the ones that have long hair, dyed shirts and are militant in their beliefs.

I eat a large portion of raw and nearly raw foods but I also involve cooked food in the diet  for variety and convenience.

It's not all or nothing. You can choose which degree you wish to take it to and it's whatever suits you the most.


Raw food detox diets or detoxs are getting into the mainstream. Individuals normally embark upon a detox diet for 3 to 21 days. Following the detox diet or cleanse has concluded, they might persist a raw food diet, go back to their standard diet, or make an attempt to increase their daily diet by consuming more raw foods.

A detox is simple a process, as the name suggests, of removing toxins from the body and they are a number of books on the process.

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Starting Your Raw Food Diet

To start a proper raw diet you should have around 70 or 80 per cent raw foods in your diet. Remember that you don't HAVE to start at this level, and if your not used to a lot of raw foods I would recomend starting with just one portion a day. Not to be to graphic, but a lot of raw food with people that aren't used to it  can lead to upset stomachs and a lot of time in the toilet.

To start have fruit and salads throughout the day together with a cooked meal at night which might includes a salad. With this, you are not jumping in instantly but allowing yourself for the changeover, both physically and mentally.

Then, when you're ready, you can easily have 1 cooked meal per week after which,one monthly after which you can eventually move to raw 100 per cent, or keep going with just  a greater number of raw well balanced meals in your eating plan.

Consider it

It's very normal to generally be doubtful of any innovative diet yet I urge you to consider it. You don’t have to enjoy a 100 % raw food diet but begin with adding more raw produce within your diet and find out how you feel.

I do believe the big difference this will provide will encourage you to ultimately proceed further and get longer reaching health improvements and weight-loss. 

Why don't you just attempt one raw food diet meal and observe the change?

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