Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Many people are saying goodbye to meat, dairy and eggs for moral reasons, religious reasons, and more common today, health reasons. Let’s start by addressing what a vegan diet entails. This particular diet abstains from eating all animals and their secretions. This diet has become a way of life for many due to health issues or those simply looking to eat for weight loss and improved health.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Eliminating animal fats and proteins has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and more. Those that have done this have minimized and even eliminated their genetic risk of developing these diseases.

Weight Loss

Eating a this way eliminates quite a few unhealthy foods that are common among the Standard American Diet. Foods such as cheese and dairy are highly addictive, so when these items are off the menu, you are less likely to binge. Foods made with dairy and meat also happen to be higher in calories than their plant-based counterparts, which create an easy calorie deficit that’s optimal for weight loss.

Radiant Skin

We all want the blemish free glow that comes along with healthy eating. A diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & E found in nuts and seeds work wonders for our skin. Elimination of dairy has been shown to unclog pores and reduce inflammation, allowing your skin to breathe.


Growing acres of crops for the soul purpose of raising cattle for meat consumption isn't exactly the best use of resources. The food that is grown could be given to people in need, rather than over-feeding animals who are raised for slaughter. Eating a vegan diet ensures you are not participating in this process.

These are only a few of the benefits that come from eating plant based. Going vegan doesn’t need to happen overnight, in fact many are much more likely to stick to something by taking one step at a time. A vegan cookbook is a perfect way to get started on your way to healthier more balanced lifestyle. If you’re not ready to fully commit, start by introducing small changes and get ready to reap the rewards. 

What benefits have you experienced since transitioning to a Vegan Diet?