Coconut or Cocos nucifera (scientific name) is a nutritious and healthy source of milk, juice and food items. Coconuts are rich in fiber and have a great potential to act as a medicine for variety of health problems. Since the old times, coconut and coconut products have been the major diet for the island people all over the world. Besides the coconut fiber nutritional facts, the coconut oil specially possesses great rich nutritional as well as healing properties than any other vegetable oil existing on the planet.

As for health benefits of coconut, the possibilities are huge. It is called “The tree of life” by the island people, because of the fact that it produces immense food and other benefits to the people. Coconut has made its way in the books of local and traditional medicine, as it has been found effective in many dietary as well as severe health problems. The coconut fiber and oil acts as an isotonic beverage and helps the body temperature keep cool in a balanced specific temperature. It has been found effective all over the world and has been used in traditional and modern medicines quite regularly.

Coconut benefits in curing health ailments like malnutrition, nausea, kidney stone, jaundice, gonorrhea, tumor, influenza, sore throat and various other ailments. It also helps in providing essential nutrition to pregnant women and helps in improving the bone density in kids. In modern medicine benefits of coconut are viewed as a universal medicine. It helps in killing viruses of complex diseases like Hepatitis, flu, AIDS, measles, herpes etc. Also various types of bacteria can be controlled by eating coconut, such as throat infections, ulcers, disease of gums, pneumonia and other types of bacteria related ailments.

Benefits of coconut oil are also immense and it is also one of the richest sources of oil. It is naturally made water which contains rich nutrients free of carbohydrate, fats and very low sugar quantity. It is proved that it helps the body come out of dehydration and removes toxic materials from the body. It also keeps the skin moisture balance and prevents from drying in hot and humid conditions. Coconut fruit oil helps the circulatory system to carry oxygen deep into the human cell. It also helps in strengthening our immune system and cleans the digestive track. It helps in boost our energy in fatigue conditions and maintaining the body pH level. Where to find coconut oil and coconut products, searching more near the island shops and houses helps.

A fresh coconut contains more minerals and nutrition than a mature coconut. So, doctors advice patients to drink the fresh juice of a fresh coconut, as it has an almond flavor making it tasty and healthy. Comparing it with other fruits, young coconuts contain less calories, less sodium and more potassium, the perfect balance nutrition for a human body. As young coconut water is identical to human blood plasma, it acts as a natural universal donor. So much to offer for the benefits of coconut and coconut oil, it is actually a boon for the human health. Having coconut in the regular diet can actually prevent diseases and keep a balanced health throughout the human life.