Benefits of engaging in Relationship Counseling when you have relationship trouble

When you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, your life can feel like an endless battle. You wake up in the morning wondering what mood your partner will be in.  Tip toe around the house as a way of avoiding each other and in the process the bonds you have had in the past seem to fade in the background somewhere.

Where has the love you once had gone? Conflict occurs within all types of relationships, however at times there is no compromise and you find yourself on the verge of a relationship break up. There appears to be no other way through the constant arguments and confusion you live with daily.

Before you pack your case and move out or cut contact, maybe you could think about the benefits of relationship counseling.  Having a third person to help you highlight the areas where you have maybe overlooked or issues that have really damaged the connection and commitment you once had, can be very beneficial.

Relationship counseling however has to be something that you both want to try as one last attempt to rectify any wrongs that you may feel has come between you.  Entering into relationship counseling is difficult because it can bring up things from the past that you thought were buried. However there are positives if you can make the effort to try to work things out.  Is this not part of what a relationship is, doing things together.

Engaging in relationship counseling can:

  • Aid by making steps to work through your own issues and feelings about the relationship
  • Empower you to make your own decisions about pending changes
  • Comfort your personal thoughts and feelings around present or past hurt
  • Assist with decisions making by having a clearer rational mind-set
  • Help change the way you feel about the person that you are having relationship difficulties with
  • Facilitate acceptance of changes that are possibly occurring
  • Help you to cooperate assertive with some of the demands that are maybe being asked of you
  • Reduce the need for you to control the situation and the other person
  • Help break deep-rooted relationship patterns
  • Appreciate the positive qualities of the other person
  • Make you aware of your own negative patterns and behaviors in the relationship
  • Help you understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy attachments
  • Ease the fear of letting go
  • Provide you with alternative skills to take control of situations and become assertive
  • Improve the communication between you and the other person

There are a lot of relationship counseling organization that offer their services free of charge, you will have to research what is available in your area.

One last thing, if you decide to end the relationship, even if you have gone through the process of Relationship Counseling, you can walk away knowing that you tried everything. Plus you will have highlighted areas of your own communication within relationships and addressed things that you may need to improve so your next relationship is not burdened with the emotional baggage from the break up. 

Remember give yourself time to heal and grieve, even if you want the relationship to end there will still be feelings of loss.

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