Do you eat enough green in your diet? Are you eating sufficient dark leafy green vegetables?

If you are eating enough green, you will find that you have better immunity and better health than the rest of the population.

For most people, the diet does not have enough vegetables, especially dark leafy green vegetables. That is why you should consider green barley grass powder.

What are the benefits of green barley grass powder?

1. Minerals and vitamins

Green barley grass powder provides more minerals and vitamins than most food items.

You will find that you can do away with the multivitamin tablets once you start to take green barley grass powder regularly.

2. Easy absorption

It is easy to drink green barley grass powder. You mix in the water, stir to dissolve it, and drink it. The body finds it easier to absorb the nutrients from the liquid solution.

3. Ease inflammation

If you are suffering from inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, you will find that taking enough green barley grass powder can ease inflammation.

While it is still far away from permanent cure, you will find relief from the pain. When the pain occurs, it is not nearly as severe as before.

4. Reduce reliance on pills

Green barley grass powder can help to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prevent heart attack with regular use.

You can start on green barley grass powder for a few months, and go for a medical checkup to see the effectiveness of it.

You may not even need the medical report to convince you of the benefits. Your vitality and energy are enough to convince you.

5. Antioxidant

Most of us live in polluted cities. We take in pollutants when we eat and breath.

Green barley green powder is an antioxidant to get rid of pollutants from our body.

Due to the strong cleansing effect, you may find yourself uncomfortable in the first few days. The cleansing effect can produce diarrhea, lethargic, and pimples. These are the ways the body asks you to rest and let it cleanses itself.

After the cleansing period, you will find that you are a new person, with seemingly unlimited energy to do whatever you want.

6. Weight loss

Green barley green powder does not contain anything to make you fat. It is sugar free. It is oil free. You should not use sugar to enhance the taste. Granted that drinking it is like eating raw grass, you will be thankful for the health benefits.

You can achieve weight loss effect when you consume it regularly. You will find that it cures constipation problem, so that the waste does not gather in the body.

You will find that it neutralizes the oil and fats from your diet, so that the oil and fats do not stay in the body to make you fat.

Taking green barley grass powder is nearly as good as eating the barley leaves raw. The green barley grass powder does not contain all the chemicals and preservatives that are common in processed food.

The best thing about it is the price. You hardly have to pay more than a hundred dollars for a month supply. You will find that you save more money in the long run, since you can reduce the dosage of your medications.

It is far cheaper to take green barley grass powder everyday than to pay for pills to control your high cholesterol.

You have to remember that high cholesterol pill is not a natural food. You are making the pharmaceutical companies rich. However, green barley grass powder is a natural food in powder form. That is why it is so much cheaper and healthier.