biOrb Aquariums

The Best Aquariums Available

One of the best aquariums on the market are biorb aquariums. Reef-one has sold more than a million of the tanks and they are owned by many celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest. Could the biOrb be the right aquarium for you? There are many reasons for purchasing a biOrb aquarium. Thousands of people own a biOrb because they know how great they really are. There are hundreds of aquarium tanks to choose from and the biOrb is among the best. It has more features and options than other aquariums on the market. These options and features make the biOrb stand out among the rest. BiOrb Benefits The stylish design will look great in any room and will match any decor. Many celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Seacrest have a biOrb in their home. There are many different styles, colors and types of biOrbs to choose from. The biOrb contains everything you need to set up an aquarium including fish food. The biOrb is easy to set up. It is a snap and twist set up. There are five different filters in the biOrb to keep the water clean.

biOrb is a Complete Aquarium Kit

biOrbThe biOrb comes with everything a beginner would need to set up their first aquarium. It comes with a light, an air pump, a water dechlorinator, five different filters, an air stone, fish food, a ceramic base and, of course, a tank. You will have to buy a few extra things to make your aquarium setup work a little better including a biOrb siphon hose and a fish net. These items can be purchased from a local pet store or aquatic store. You will also need to purchase more fish food. The fish food that comes with the biOrb is just a sample. Fish food can also be purchased at a pet store or even at a grocery store.


Baby biOrb Moonlight Aquarium - Black

baby BiOrb 4-Gallon Moonlight Aquarium with Light Fixture, Black
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Baby biOrb Aquarium - Silver

Baby biOrb Aquarium with LED Light, Silver, 4 Gallons
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Nine Different Styles and Sizes of biOrb Tanks

The biOrb aquariums come in a variety of sizes. They are as small as four gallons to as large as sixteen gallons. There is a biOrb size for everyone. The tiny four gallon biOrb is perfect for a Betta fish. It can fit on a small shelf or on top of a desk. Betta fish are easy to take care of. They are great for an office or cubicle. The large sixteen gallon aquarium is perfect for a saltwater setup. Large aquariums are better for a saltwater setup because the water will be easier to stabilize with both temperature and chemistry.

There are two styles of biOrbs available. The regular and the life series. The regular series is available in three sizes - 4, 8 or 16 gallons. The life series also comes in three sizes - 8, 12 or 16 gallons.


Each biOrb aquarium tank is low maintenance. The are easy to clean. It will only take a few minutes each week to keep the fish happy.

The filters can be replaced quickly by twisting and removing the old filter and slipping in a new one. The biOrb can be maintained and cleaned in less than an hour every month. Even the the biOrb is easily cleaned and maintained, it is not free from maintenance and work. An aquarium setup is hard work. You have to do a lot to make the fish as healthy and as comfortable as they can be. Don't be fooled by aquariums that claim to be maintenance free. Nothing in life is truly maintenance free. Even though you may have a new house, there will always be repairs just like owning a biOrb will require maintenance.

Your fish will be healthier if you perform regular maintenance on your biOrb. Mark it on your calendar each week - it will only take a few minutes each time.

biOrb Service Kit
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biOrb Cleaner Pump
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biOrb No Algae Service Kit
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Proper biOrb Care

If you don't perform routine maintenance on the biOrb, it will take much longer maintain when you finally get around to it. Take a few short minutes each week to clean your biOrb and change the filter. Each week you should change some of the water. Use a vacuum to suck out some water and replace it with clean, clear and chemical free water. Change the water more often than once per week if it gets dirty quickly. A water change should only take five to ten minutes once you get the hang of it.

Disadvantages of a biOrb

Just like anything, the biOrb does have a few disadvantages that you should consider before purchasing. It can only house certain types of fish so you should think about the type of fish you want. Think about how big the fish will be when they are full size. They might outgrow the biOrb aquarium. If you can, get the largest size biOrb available. Otherwise, you might want to think about getting different fish or a different aquarium. Fish that need more than sixteen gallons of water will not be happy in the biOrb. Some fish require running water or live plants. These fish should not be placed in the biOrb. The biOrb cannot house a lot of fish. If you want a fish tank that is full of fish, do not buy the biOrb. Fish will be the happiest in a biOrb that is not overfull. The rule is to only put one fish in the tank per ten gallons of water.


The biOrb aquariums are a great beginner aquarium. They are easy to maintain, contain everything you need to setup an ecosystem and they look great. biOrbs are available in many sizes. There will be a style right for your. Make sure you know exactly what type of fish will be in the tank and how many fish will be in tank before you purchase a biOrb. If you want an easy to use fish tank that will house a few fish, the biOrb will probably be the right aquarium for you. Millions of people own a biOrb and know how fun it is to have a freshwater aquarium. When purchasing an aquarium, consider the biOrb.