Mobile messaging, often called “text messaging” or “SMS messaging,” has many benefits for everyday users, as well as for those who market products and services. Benefits for everyday users include the ability to send short messages to friends and family via their cell phone numbers. Sometimes, when you only need to convey a short message, mobile messaging can take the place of a phone call to notify the recipient of some small detail. For people who are not fans of phone conversations, mobile messaging is a dream come true.

Marketers also use mobile messaging to pass along specials, promotions and notifications to their customers. Mobile messaging is fast, inexpensive and effective. Additionally, mobile messages are sent to customers’ cell phones. If a company has a contact list of existing customers, chances are that they already have the customer’s cell phone on file. Sending a quick promotional text message to an existing list of cell phone numbers is easy to do and in many cases, very effective. Notifying customers about promotions and specials through mobile message is cost effective. Depending on the data plan of the sender, mass mobile messages to customers most likely cost just pennies to message the entire contact list.

GPS Tracking, Security Tracking and Pet Tracking

Mobile messaging extends far beyond convenience for users and new methods for marketers, however. Mobile messaging enables instant notification from systems such as home alarms, pet trackers and GPS vehicle tracking devices. Home alarm systems may now be equipped to text message the homeowner when the alarm is armed or disarmed. The homeowner is able to keep tabs on their family to ensure children return home from school on time and enters the home safely.

One of the most useful and interesting implementations of mobile messaging is for GPS vehicle tracking. GPS tracking may be used as a tool for parents to keep tabs on their teen drivers. However, implementation on a wider scale would be GPS fleet tracking so companies are able to pinpoint the locations of their vehicles at any time. For delivery companies, GPS tracking provides up to the minute updates about where drivers are located so the company may keep concerned customers updated.

GPS tracking devices are inexpensive, easy to install and useful for those who wish to keep track of their own vehicles. Legally, GPS tracking devices may be installed by a vehicle owner into any vehicle that they own. GPS tracking units may be installed covertly so the driver is unaware of the device. The GPS tracking device may be configured to send mobile message updates to the vehicle owner. Messages may include data such as starting point, ending point and timed messages notifying the owner of the vehicle’s location.

GPS Teen Trackers

GPS teen trackers are particularly useful for worried parents who have teens just learning to drive. GPS teen trackers will text message alerts to the parents based on several criteria configured for the device. In addition to text message alerts, many GPS tracker systems feed data to an Internet-based interface that parents and vehicle owners may check from any Internet connected location or device.

GPS tracking systems provide efficient and timely reporting on the location of each of the owner’s vehicles. GPS trackers may be installed to the OBD-II port of any vehicle. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 have the OBD-II port located within two feet of the steering column. In most cases, the OBD-II port is located under the dash on the driver’s side of the car. Other GPS trackers may be installed into the wiring system of the vehicle.

Whether you need to have GPS vehicle tracking to ensure the safety of your family and have peace of mind when they are on the road, or you need to track a fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking systems are a great device for performing the service. GPS trackers are inexpensive and the OBD-II devices are easily installed by a layperson. No need to take the car to an auto shop or dealership. Modern GPS tracking devices provide mobile messaging alerts to keep the vehicle owner updated at all times.