Papa John’s Pizza is one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the United States. As with most pizza chains you can order by phone or choose to order pizza online. Papa John’s is unique because there are many benefits to ordering Papa John’s Pizza online.

Free Pizza Points

For every $5.00 you spend ordering thier pizzas online you get 1 point. Every 25 points earned allows you to cash them in for a free Pizza. If your boss at work wants you to order pizza for everybody than ordering it online will give you a lot of free points that you can later use to order free food.

You can orderfrom them over the phone; however you will not get points for doing this. You must order online in order to get points good towards a free Pizza. Your family will be ordering pizza so you might as well do it online so you can save money down the road by earning free pizzas.

Papa John’s Coupons

Like all great food outlets they have a lot of different coupons available that you can use when you order their pizza online. One popular Papa John’s Pizza code is VISA25. This code will give you a 25% discount on everything you order. This code can be used multiple times, so if you order pizza from Papa John’s 5 times a month you can save 25% every time you order.

Other Papa John’s coupon codes tend to change a lot. You can always search for the most current Papa John’s coupons before you order. You can often find a coupon code that will allow you to get a free pizza with 20 points instead of 25 points. The current coupon code for this offer is PJMPG.

Mobile Ordering App

Papa John’s has the easiest to use app for ordering Pizza. You can download their great phone app for free and use it to order pizza online. You can also use Papa John’s coupons when you order with their app. You can select to have their pizza app save your information and then when you want to order you can simply click a couple of buttons and your fresh pizza will be on its way.

Fun to Make Pizza

When you order online using your computer it is fun to design your own pizza. You can choose which toppings you want and then see the toppings as they'll appear on your computer. If you want double pepperoni on the pizza it is easy to do. If you want pineapple on half the pizza and smoked sausage on the other side it is easy to do when buying Papa John’s Pizza online.

If you are going to be ordering pizza then it pays to order it online. Not only will you get points towards free pizzas in the future, but you will also get the ability to enter in Papa John’s pizza coupon codes that are not available for ordering by phone. Hope you have a great meal and enjoy this fantastic food.